Amazon Prime Video Launches New Feature: Dialogue Boost

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Since TV dialogue has been more difficult to understand over time, everyone now watches with subtitles. That issue is currently top-of-mind as Amazon Prime Video launches a new feature that might eliminate the need for subtitles, at least for some titles. It is introducing “Dialogue Boost,” a feature that enables Prime Video users to increase the volume. To increase spoken dialogue in comparison to the effects and background music.

Amazon Prime Video Dialogue Boost

On other platforms, such as high-end theater systems, specialized audio equipment, some smart TVs, and streaming media devices, similar tools to boost the volume of dialogue are available. For instance, Roku offers “speech clarity,” which enhances dialogue material. Which is in comparison to other noises like background music or heavier sound effects like vehicle accidents.

Although the option was initially developed with the needs of customers with hearing impairments in mind. Amazon thinks it can make its service more enjoyable for all users.

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How Does Dialogue Boost System Work?

To produce its Dialogue Boost tracks, Prime Video first analyzes the original audio in a film or television program. The locations where the spoken word is more difficult to distinguish from the background music and special effects. Amazon told TechCrunch that when the speech patterns are separated. The content is improved to make the dialogue more understandable.

Prime Video new feature

In contrast to typical center channel amplifications in a home theater system, the business claims the AI-driven technique can give focused amplification. Amplification to specific segments of spoken speech. The enhanced audio is not device-specific and can be listened to on any device that can stream Prime Video.

new feature of amazon prime video

Users can choose from the boosted tracks in the subtitles and audio choices widget on the currently playing video. In this case, viewers can choose between options like “English Dialogue Boost: Medium” and “Dialogue Boost: High,” based on their preferences. Users of Prime Video can tell if a title has a dialogue boost option. Because it will be noted on the service’s detail page for the show or movie.

About 100 Amazon Originals currently offer the feature, while some only do so for particular seasons. Dialogue Boost is accessible on more titles in addition to those mentioned above. As it grows, Amazon says it will roll out to other titles, though it didn’t specify when it would reach its whole Originals collection.

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