Malayalam Films are becoming the center of attraction on Amazon Prime

Mollywood are rocking in Amazon Prime

Shortly the Malayalam cinema also well know for Mollywood, are performing outstanding in India Film Industry. As a last report, all the time it fascinated to the Indian audiences. Malayali movies and the Co-stars has been contributed a lot to Indian cinema.  The first and for most  3D film, first cinema scope film, first 70mm film; entire things are the signify to the achievements of Malayalam cinema.

Malayalam Cinema

A few Best Malayalam Movies has been arrived in 2022


It is an Indian Malayali Movie which is based on the genre of political thriller. As per google report this film got 8.1 IMDB rate out of 10. The leading hero Sulaiman know how to play with expressions he did an amazing role. Malik unfolds with a flashy one that absolutely captures the adventurous spirit of contemporary Malayalam cinema. Eventually technically voicing, it opens with a paranoid disclaimer that captures the mood of the nation. The film is Directed by Mahesh Narayanan an overwhelming to his muse, Fahadh Faasil, Malik walks a thin line, thematically. Thus, it props to Amazon Prime Video for picking it up.


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Malayalam film has also been experiencing flak from cinema-goers, who have found precise scenes insensitive towards differently-abled children. Film Kaduva got 6.2 IMBD rate and also set to screen on Amazon Prime video. The story is about a young rubber farmer. Eventually by the story, he becomes bitter rivals with a local police officer in Kottayam in India. By resuming the narratives it unroll the suspense gradually, taking revenge on each other at every turn. Then finally face off at a church festival.


 Narrative of the drama is about Anikkuttan who is an ill- tempered electronics technician. Where the protagonists leads a quiet and simple life with his mother. His regular routine  suddenly disturbing when next door neighbor’s new birth child stirs up nasty memories from the times of past. The role is performed by devoted Fahadh Faasil act in a tremendous way. As per google record this film persisting  7.2 IMDB rate out of 10 and now available in Amazon Prime. It portrayal of their connection put lights on a socially pertinent issue.

Malayalam Movies

Kuttiyappanum Daivadhootharum

The approach of the story is quiet interesting where it all around Kuttiyappan and Giri. In the drama both were strangers and it shows the consequences between the characters. How the relationship with their respective daughters put forward them closer. The Picture is leading by Lal Jose, Arun Gopan and V. Suresh. They did an excellent work putting  all of efforts and immense emotion to it.


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