Taboo Season 2: Release Date, Confirm Cast, Trailer & Everything We Know So Far

Rishabh Shetty
Rishabh Shetty

Each of the Tom Hardy lovers can breathe a sigh of relief! The celebrity is coming back for one more season of Taboo. After much speculation and several rumors, that the BBC series is finally coming back, and we can’t wait for this! This is what we understand about Taboo season two.

Taboo Season 2 Release Date

The very first season reasoned airing in February 2017, and a month afterwards, BBC revived the sequence. Furthermore, reports indicated that filming could start sometime in 2018/2019. However, due to various reasons, it did not occur. And because of lack of official information, rumors started circulating of this show’s cancellation.

But, Steve Knight lately affirmed that work season 2’s script is near conclusion. Additionally, production would start whenever the scheduling works out. Though considering the present situation, it feels like production will not begin anytime soon. Right now, we anticipate a 2022 release date to the next season.

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Cast for Taboo

  • David Hayman will probably be playing the role of Brace
  • Edward Hogg is viewed as Michael Godfrey
  • Jason Watkins at the character of Solomon Coop
  • Nicholas Woodeson is viewed as Robert Thoyt
  • Lorna Bow/Delaney is viewed as Jessie Buckley
  • Mark Gatiss will probably be enjoying the Prince Regent
  • Stephen Graham will probably be viewed as Atticus

Taboo Plot: What’s it about?

‘Taboo’ revolves not to someone, however, a plot of land known as’Nootka Sound’. In itself, the property has little value, but with all the war between England and the USA end, trade paths would be opened , making the property a lot more precious. This places the East India Company and the British Crown in a furious race to obtain the property from Delaney, with his own tricks up his sleeve. Delaney intends to leverage the property for more cash, which will help him reconstruct his father’s shipping company. But he soon discovers that London can get very dangerous for somebody like him.

But, there’s a level of mysticism about Delaney, an inevitability, and a creepiness, as well as the parties involved discover they can’t take this guy down so fast. He plays with both sides, and finally, has got the most out of this circumstance, handling to set sail for new lands. What stands out about the series firstly is that the tone it sets. London from the 1800s is revealed to become dim, damp, and dreary, like something from a Charles Dickens book. Delaney himself gives a continuously dangerous vibe, and it plays the innermost thoughts of the country.

Taboo Season 2 Trailer

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