“From Audition to Applause: British Actor Jordan Laidley Reveals Blueprint for Actors on Ajay Tambe’s Podcast”



In an exclusive interview on Ajay Tambe’s podcastBritish Actor Jordan Laidley emphasized the importance of realistic expectations, noting that it’s wise to prepare for financial challenges, which makes any success feel even more triumphant.

According to Jordan Laidley, dedication is crucial: committing to the industry’s required ten thousand hours of practice is essential for mastering your craft and increasing the likelihood of a big break.

Laidley advocates setting high goals, advising to “aim for the moon.” He explained that even if you don’t reach your ultimate goal, you’ll still end up “hanging with the stars,” signifying that partial achievements are valuable milestones on the path to success.

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He encourages everyone in the industry to seize every opportunity and remain resilient, assuring that persistence is key to unlocking potential and opportunities.


Jordan Laidley’s approach to understanding a character in a script involves a structured method of reading and recording information to maintain freshness while identifying patterns. Here’s a breakdown of his strategy:

  1. First Reading – Freshness and Patterns: He reads the script for the first time with a focus on keeping the content fresh but recognizable in a pattern, facilitating memorization and deeper understanding.
  2. Improv Rapping – Active Recall: As he reads, he engages in improv rapping about the content, which helps in actively recalling and processing information about the characters and the plot.
  3. Notation – Separating Perspectives :

– Self-Perception: He jots down everything his character says about themselves, capturing the character’s self-view.

– Others’ Perception: In a separate column, he notes what other characters say about his role, highlighting external perceptions.

– World View: He also records descriptions of his character from a narrative or non-character perspective, providing insights into how the character is positioned within the story’s world.

  1. Analysis – Integrating Perspectives: By reviewing these notes, Laidley analyzes how the character is viewed by others, how they see themselves, and how the narrative or environment perceives them.

This comprehensive view helps in building a rounded character portrayal.

  1. Contextualization – Real World Comparison: He considers how similar roles are portrayed across different contexts or timeframes to add depth to his character. For example, comparing a ruler’s portrayal in different historical periods.
  2. Use of Personal Interests – Wrestling Analogy: Laidley utilizes his interest in wrestling to draw parallels or insights, much like using wrestling characters to understand dramatic roles like Macbeth, thus making the analysis more relatable and vivid.

This method allows him to understand the character deeply, seeing the multifaceted views.

On Ajay Tambe’s Podcast, actor Jordan Laidley discussed his significant role in the beloved productions of “The Jungle Book” and “The Polar Express.”

Originally tailored for a London audience, these productions have been successfully adapted for outdoor performances in Nottingham and are touring across the UK.Jordan Laidley shared his insights on the transformative nature of these productions.

“Bringing a show once created for a London audience back to Nottingham for my young people, as well as throughout the UK, is fantastic,” Laidley noted.

“Bringing a story that many families love to the stage, but also outside, where there are no limits for capacity, enhances the experience tremendously.”In the podcast, Laidley highlighted the project’s role in uplifting spirits during challenging times.

“Being able to help bring some excitement to people and shine some light on what has been a dark time recently is a significant achievement,” he stated, acknowledging the healing power of theatre post-COVID-19.

Laidley also discussed the importance of diversity in family theatre and the joy of breaking conventional expectations.

“Overall happiness for me is being able to connect with parts of the world I wouldn’t normally get an opportunity to,” he explained. “Especially when you look like me, being able to showcase a skill set that many wouldn’t expect is rewarding.

“Through his involvement in “The Jungle Book” and “The Polar Express,” Jordan Laidley continues to inspire and entertain audiences while promoting inclusivity and creativity in the performing arts.


Jordan Laidley is an actor known for his roles in “Detective Dover” (2018) and “Bob Marley: One Love” (2024), as well as his participation in “SeaView” (2021). His filmography, though concise, showcases his versatility in performing across different genres, from detective dramas to biographical films and series that explore complex narratives.

In the groundbreaking play “Generations,” written by the multifaceted poet, producer, and event organizer Ryan Dre Sinclair from Birmingham, actor Jordan Laidley takes the stage to bring to life the complexities of British Caribbean generational relationships.

Conceived during the 2020 lockdown, the project delves into the nuanced themes of expectation and success, inspired by Sinclair’s engaging conversations with the elder British Caribbean generations.

As the 4th and 5th generations of British Caribbeans carve their paths in today’s society, “Generations” seeks to illuminate these evolving narratives through a vibrant theatrical experience. For performance details and tickets, visit the Crescent Theatre and Nottingham Theatre websites.

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