BJP Leaders Should Remember Limitation Of Language While Making Statements On Sharad Pawar Saheb : Faizan Mirza

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Faizan Mirza The NCP (Sharad Pawar) Minority Maharashtra State Vice Chairman Responded To Union Home Minister Amit Shah And Senior BJP Leader Chandrakant Patils Remarks On Sharad Pawar Faizan Mirza Says BJP and its leaders are used to target Sharad Pawar saheb repeatedly, maybe BJP would not get publicity without mentioning Sharad Pawar saheb’s name, recently in Maharashtra the country’s home minister Amit Shah ji said that the people’s of Maharashtra have borne the burden of Pawar saheb for 50 years and Pawar saheb should give an account for 10 years. ,


I don’t think this type of statements should come from Amit Shah’s mouth because it is well known to all countrymen’s that whose false promises people have been facing from 10 years. Chandrakant dada Patil also said that we want to defeat Sharad Pawar saheb in Baramati, BJP leaders statements are proving that what tactics and games they are playing to defeat an 84 year old man who is backstabbed by his own party leaders and workers in 2022 but Backstabbing is not the culture of Maharashtra.


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Chandrakant Dada had to come to Kothrud from Kolhapur in 2019 and after coming there, he had to fight the election after displacing a woman leader of the party from her seat, so he has to increase his ability to dream of defeating a leader with a political career of 57 years. Both Chandrakant Dada and the BJP should remember that language should not be forgotten while making political statements.

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