Lucifer season 6: Release Date, Plot, Cast And Some Basic Information

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Before talking to them about season 6, the Lucifans would probably have liked to see the second part of season 5 … But the creators of Lucifer still announce changes in the schedule

Because the second part of season 5 should have already been released before. But the covid has caused quite a bit of concern. And forced the whole earth to confine itself, to stop all production. The series has therefore experienced a lot of delays.

So it’s been more than six months that Lucifer fans have been able to rave about the first part of season 5. But also six months that they are waiting for the second part. And especially the end of the celestial fight at the police station.

The only problem was that the team could not shoot all the scenes before the start of the measures against the covid. To find the plateau, it was, therefore, necessary to wait for the confinements. And also the new very strict sanitary protocol.

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Since then, Lucifer’s team has managed to complete the shooting of season 5. Meanwhile, Tom Ellis and all the actors have also signed for a season 6.

Creators, often present in the media and on social networks to give news, thus announce bad news.


“Because of the Covid 19 epidemic, the schedule of the series has once again had to change”, writes the creator, Chris Rafferty.

And the executive producer, therefore, regrets “not being able to work with the director of the end of season 5, Karen Gaviola”. A short-term job, therefore, for Lucifer … Half a season and then leave.

But the series adapts quickly! Chris Rafferty announces the name of the director’s replacement. “I am excited and happy to announce the arrival of Kevin Alejandro in his place! ”

The end of season 5 is therefore still waiting to arrive on Netflix. But Karen Gaviola’s adventure on the Lucifer film sets is already stopping. This change should not delay the future season too much!

Fans are thus waiting to find out who will win the fight of the gods. The Devil’s team, or that of his terrible twin brother, Michael? Everyone is waiting for the conclusion of this battle which has been going on for more than six months.

But Netflix promises it, the sequel to Season 5 of Lucifer is coming soon. What to wait before a season 6. Even if it still seems far away. Especially if scheduling issues due to the covid pandemic still delay filming.

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