Lucifer Season 6: These Characters Deserve A Happy Ending From Their Past

Rishabh Shetty
Rishabh Shetty

Many characters in Lucifer just didn’t fare well, be it at work, in personal relationships, or all areas of their lives, although they deserve something much better than what they’ve gotten so far, and today we present them to you:

Ella Lopez

She (Aimee Garcia) has a lot of time to turn things around, considering she’s one of the youngest characters on the Lucifer show. However, you can’t seem to take a break when it comes to romantic relationships.

Chloe Decker

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Chloe (Lauren German) is a strong and resilient person who can survive many trials. Still, there is no denying that his life has not been rosy. Chloe still misses her father, who died a while ago on the Lucifer series.

He inspired her to be a detective and they were very close. She went through a divorce and for a while, it seemed like she and Dan couldn’t remain friends on Lucifer. An immortal assassin hunted her down and later endangered her life.

Add to that the stress caused by her job and her relationship with Lucifer (Tom Ellis) on the show, it’s a little wonder Chloe hasn’t broken up with her dramatic story yet.

Charlotte Richards

Charlotte is one of the few characters on the Lucifer show who met her to an untimely end and is unlikely to return. First, Charlotte had to deal with losing a part of her life when Lucifer’s mother, the Goddess, kidnapped her body.

Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) later died when she tried to protect Amenadiel (DB Woodside) from the murderer Cain (Tom Welling), also known as Marcus Pierce. At least her soul made it to heaven, but Charlotte still deserved better in Lucifer.

Undoubtedly, some characters in the Lucifer series have not had their final end and others have the possibility of returning in the remainder of the series but this does not remove the fact of their tragic stories.

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