Lamborghini Reveals It’s First Hybrid Supercar: Revuelto

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Revuelto, a 6-mile-range hybrid supercar from Lamborghini, is unveiled. Leading luxury car manufacturers have also started producing electric and hybrid cars. As the automotive industry moves toward giving more environmentally friendly options. Lamborghini is the most recent manufacturer to provide such a design; it recently unveiled the Revuelto, a new hybrid supercar.

Revuelto Lamborghini supercar

The name Revuelto, which means “scrambled,” is directly translated from Spanish. It can therefore run on both conventional gasoline and electric energy. The newest supercar from Lamborghini has an all-electric drive mode, although it isn’t very efficient. On a single full charge, the Revuelto delivers a maximum electric-only range of only 6.2 miles.

Features in Revuelto Hybrid Supercar from Lamborghini

With a twist, the compact 3.8kWh battery can be fully charged by the combustion engine in just six minutes. It can deliver an astonishing 814 horsepower at a speed of 9,250 rpm, and is one of these sports vehicles’ engines that is built to push the boundaries of speed and acceleration.

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hybrid car lamborghini

Also, it has several air intake ducts spread out all over the place to increase airflow to the engine. This makes it possible to have 126 horsepower per liter of electricity.

The Revuelto boasts the “greatest output in Lamborghini’s 12-cylinder engines’ history,” per the official news release. With hexagonal exhausts and angular lines running over the body, the corporation drew inspiration from the aerospace sector for its engineering when it came to the design of the vehicle. With this car, the scissor doors that open vertically also made a comeback.

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