Beauty Trends on TikTok if you wanna look more Attractive!

Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Beauty trends that are viral on tiktok that will make you more attractive

TikTok has a wide range of beauty trends available for the girlies. Some of these hacks are breathtaking to life-saving. These are some of the latest and viral beauty trends that will make you the center of attention. It will not only make you attractive but ultimately change your beauty game.

Diamond lip Hashtage on TikTok

Currently, it is the lip hacks that have captured Tiktok beauty trends completely. Influencers are currently utilizing the diamond lips trend to give their beauty looks a highly sparkly finish. The diamond lips hashtag, which content creator Eva Larosa first came up with and coined. Has amassed more than four million views. So there’s no doubt that the high-shine, glitter-embellished look has taken TikTok by force.

On March 4 tutorial, Eva Larosa can be seen lining her cupid’s bow. With an Essence Cosmetics silver metallic eyeliner pencil. Before putting the same hue in the middle of her top and bottom lips. She then filled in the edges of her lips with Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk lip liner and combined the two products with her fingertips. In order to add more shine to the center of her lips. She next applied a coating of Revolution Beauty’s clear lip balm and finished the look with the brand’s shimmery eyeshadow in the shade of snow.

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If Eva’s detailed instructions are more difficult than you imagined. Other people have demonstrated an easier version of the look by skipping the metallic pencil and layering a sparkly lip gloss over their chosen lipstick shade. The “diamond lips” trend hashtag has already received more than 4 million views. This will make you sparkle no matter how you decide to pull off the look.

Dotted Makeup Hack is TikTok favorite

One of TikTok’s most helpful tricks was the ‘Dotted Method”. As it is not only time-saving but also leaves the face feeling weightless. It also prevents from using more makeup products. Rather than applying foundation, makeup, blush, and other cosmetics in layers. The products are simply dabbed in the desired locations and blended from lightest to deepest. This hack seems to be life-saving and will completely change your makeup game.

I’m Cold

Beauty enthusiasts came up with the appearance of having flushed cheekbones, a Rudolph-red nose, and brilliant under-eyes. Partially influenced by Kylie Jenner’s snowy vacation in 2019 as well as the winter season. The appearance resembled the normal blush that occurs on your face when you are outside in the winter. This look had been a new sensation for all makeup lovers. Not only for winter but this beauty trend had been all-season. From glam to light makeup to everyday makeup looks.

Glazed Donut Nails

Glossy nails were the height of stylish thanks to Hailey Bieber. The model’s fondness for glossy beauty products and dewy complexion finally made its way to her manicures, igniting a glazed donut nail craze. She unveiled the pearlescent white painted, shiny talons at the 2022 Met Gala in May. But Hailey changed up her glazed doughnut manicure throughout the year with a chocolate-and-holiday variation. Although it took the beauty world by storm. As people were obsessed with glazed donut nails and still are!

“W” Blush Technique is a Viral Tiktok hack

The “W” blush beauty hack was the trendiest style of the summer. As it allowed people to achieve a sun-kissed glow without ever going outside. All you had to do to participate in the obsession was use a liquid or cream blush to create a “W” on your cheekbones and across the bridge of your nose. Gliding the product and blending it out a lot more seamlessly. And ‘Voila’ you have the perfect amount of blush on your cheeks.

This method is excellent because it enables the blush to be applied to the high areas of the face. Where the sun naturally shines, and not just because a sunkissed, natural look is “in” right now. Unlike most other blush locations, the blush flush is more realistic and adequately colours the apples of the cheekbones, the sides of the eyes, and the nostrils.


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