How to Perform the Best At-Home Pedicure

When we think of pedicures, we imagine pristine, trendy nail salons, but is this really necessary?

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Health Benefits of having a Pedicure

Pedicures have become a modern-day necessity for some, but the practice dates back to Ancient Egypt, when pharaohs received foot treatments to remove dry skin on the soles. Pedicure have health benefits such as reduced ingrown toenails, fewer calluses, less foot pain, softer skin on the feet, fewer cracks in the heels, and less dry skin.

How to perform a salon-quality pedicure

Tools needed

Before converting your bathroom into a nail salon, make an inventory of your supplies and stock up on some must-haves. While soaking your feet isn’t required, those who want to pamper their soles will want to invest in a foot tub or bowl. It could be as simple as locating a Tupperware container.

A foot file with two grits, one for exfoliating and one for smoothing the skin. Toenail clippers, a stainless steel cuticle pusher, and a glass nail file are also required. Also read Is Hair Dying Actually Harmful?

Steps for performing a Pedicure

The first step in performing an at-home pedicure is deciding whether or not to soak your feet. File the skin gently with the exfoliating side of a foot file before finishing with a few strokes of the smoother side.

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  • Soak your feet for at least 15 minutes for the best results. If you don’t want to soak, just give your soles a quick rinse in the shower. It is best to cut toenails straight across, as cutting into the corners can result in bleeding, pain, and infection.
  • The following step is to exfoliate your feet. Use Skin friendly Exfoliators.
  • The final step after dry filing, cleansing, and exfoliating is moisturizing.

After your at-home pedicure, keep the results by moisturizing your feet each night with the moisturizer. Wear socks at night to keep your skin nourished and moisturized.

Things to keep in mind

When exfoliating your feet, be careful not to remove too much skin at once, as this can cause sensitive spots on your feet, making them prone to blisters and pain spots.

Our feet ground us and absorb our weight, so we must remember that the skin at the bottom of our feet is unique, and removing too much, too quickly, can have a negative effect. The majority of people can benefit from an at-home pedicure every three to four weeks. For those whose toenails grow quickly, every two weeks may be sufficient. Also read Exfoliating Gloves: What Are They and Should You Use Them?

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