Anupama: A future scenario in which Paritosh expresses gratitude to everyone, the family, and his daughter Pari included.


Star Plus programme Anupamaa is presently focused on Kinjal’s desire for Toshu’s divorce. It appears that Kinjal will decide that she wants to file for divorce since she is tired of the constant turmoil at Shah House and wants to live a calm life with her kid. Kinjal will have the support her mother Rakhi, who will be at her side. On the other side, Baa is upset with Anupamaa because she thinks she controlling Kinjal. Kinjal‘s childhood best buddy will soon re-enter her life amid all of this drama.

In spite of all the astonishing turnarounds that we have experienced so far, the upcoming set of events will leave no stone unturned to surprise the viewers.

He will be seen standing beside Kinjal and restoring her grin. Baa, however, will not be pleased with this friendship and will begin to suspect fraud. Will Kinjal be able to continue living her life? Let’s find out together what could be it?


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Seems to be the new guy up for Kinjal?

Anupama gives Paritosh one more chance to be Pari’s father before he departs for a holiday from Kinjal.
The most recent episode of the popular Star Plus series Anupama has Paritosh pleading with Kinjal and Anupama to grant him one last chance just for his daughter Pari. Paritosh is touched by Pari, who also grins as everyone’s rage melts away. Anupama leaves the decision to Kinjal, who makes a sensible choice after considering Pari.

Kinjal does not want Pari to suffer, so she enables Paritosh to live in the same house with her. Paritosh thanks everyone, including his family and his daughter Pari. When Anupama gives him a break and sends him to the health facility, Paritosh returns as a new man.
Are the show’s creators preparing a new episode with Paritosh taking a vacation from Kinjal?

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