Anupama Written Update Story of Latest Episode

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Anupama Written Update of Latest Episode

Anupama informs Paritosh that she has a sharper knife in the kitchen in the current episode. She requests that he commit suicide. Anupama questions Paritosh about his threats to sever his wrist using a blunt object. She says that she can assist if he wants to terminate his life. As she already damaged him, Paritosh urges Anupama to sever his wrist with her own hands. Paritosh is asked to halt his drama by Anupama. She laments that Paritosh hasn’t yet expressed regret for what he did. Anupama scolds Paritosh in anger.

Anu is accused by Leela of evacuating the area after damaging their house. Leela is urged by Hasmuk to avoid any needless accusing Anupama. Anupama criticises Paritosh for attempting to force Kinjal into offering an apology. She charges him of failing to recognise his mistake and attempting to emotionally manipulate Kinjal. Paritosh is asked to leave by Anupama. She is accused by Paritosh of both keeping Kinjal and using emotional blackmail on her. He won’t leave the area. Paritosh disrespects Anupama’s belongings. Anupama was going to be injured by him. Anuj approaches Paritosh in a fury. He warns him against purposely or accidentally hurting Anupama. Anuj claims he won’t put up with anyone doing harm on her. He claims that if Paritosh had been sensible, he would have dealt with him immediately. Anuj asks Anu to make a call to Vanraj and put the call on speaker.

What did Kinjal tells Arya

Anu calls Vanraj, and Vanraj answers. In order to protect Kinjal and Arya from Paritosh, Anuj requests that Vanraj take him. He continues by saying that if Paritosh does anything before he arrives, he would put him in jail. Vanraj made the decision to visit Anuj. Paritosh becomes anxious about taking Kinjal. He won’t leave the location without Kinjal. In their conversation, Kinjal tells Arya that she had imagined a happy life but that Paritosh had destroyed it everything. She continues by saying that now that she is a mother, making decisions is growing tougher for her.

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When Anuj Hugs Anupama

Paritosh invites Kinjal to accompany him or he will not leave. Vanraj appears and requests that Paritosh to accompany him. Paritosh insists on accompanying Kinjal. Barkha, Ankush, and Adhik are predicting a drama. Vanraj brings Paritosh along. Anu sincerely apologises to Anuj. Anuj completely disregards her. Ankush, Barkha, and Adhik have devised a strategy to capitalise on Anupama and Anuj’s differences. Vanraj returns Paritosh home. He sobs uncontrollably to Hasmuk. Vanraj realises his error and feels bad about leaving the house in the past. He tells Hasmuk that he does not support Paritosh’s guilt, but as a parent, he cannot let him die. Anu sincerely apologises to Anuj. Anuj tells Anu that he is not upset with her, but with the current dramas. They both hug each other at the end of Anupama latest episode.

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