Upcoming Twists and Turns in Mollki Updates, Release date, New story, Next episode

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

About the Serial and the Upcoming Twists Mollki Updates, Release date, New story, Next episode

Molkki is a television show in India. Which is produced by Ekta Kapoor’s production company Balaji Telefilm. As the lead characters in the serial Molkki, Priyal Mahajan and Amar Upadhyay are the main characters in this TV show. Purvi, the main character in the Mollki serial, is an 18-year-old girl who is carefree and wishes to live her life according to her own rules. Her family, however, strikes a deal with the Sarpanch of Haryana, Virender, and she marries him.


Molki audience can enjoy a fresh story of sacrifices and the fight to stay dignified among the male dominant society.

This show has been started on colors tv on 16 November. Monday to Friday every 10 pm. The director of this show is Muzammil Desai.

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About the TV Serial- Mollki Updates, Release date, New story, Next episode

Molkki Serial is the most popular television series in India, with the majority of people watching and following it. Molkki Serial is a well-known series that airs on Colors Television Network. The serial had a massive following, and most people are eager to learn about the upcoming twists and turns. Molkki was one of television’s most beloved and celebrated shows. The plot wowed the audience.

Mollki season 1

In season one, fans loved the chemistry between Priyal Mahajan and Amar Upadhyay and considered them as a lovely on-screen couple. The story was about a young girl getting married to an older man.

Launching of Season 2: Mollki Updates, Release date, New story, Next episode

As per sources, Molkki 2 will be launched soon with a completely new star cast. We are sure that this is exciting news for all the fans of the show.


Purvi, according to the plot, decides to visit the NGO in order to meet Sakshi. However, she is kidnapped while on her way. Meanwhile, Anjali punishes Juhi and Manas by imprisoning them in a locked room. Purvi becomes concerned about her children in the following episode. Virendra, on the other hand, finally comes to Juhi, Manas, and Purvi’s aid. He meets Purvi and saves her from the tragedy. Purvi becomes emotional when she sees Virendran and hugs him. The children are also reunited with their parents.




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