Anupama Updates and Upcoming storyline updates new release twists

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Anupama: About the serial and it’s Upcoming twists and Updates

The story of a homemaker

The show, which is aired on Star Plus, is a remake of a Bengali series Sreemoyee. The tv show Anupamaa explores the story of a homemaker.


A homemaker who has dedicated her life to her family but is underappreciated for it. She is a qualified dancer in addition to being a homemaker, and the story revolves around how she defends herself.


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Rupali Ganguly, who has appeared in shows such as Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai and Parvarish, is the show’s main lead. She portrayed Anupamaa Shah, a homemaker, Vanraj Shah’s wife, and mother to Paritosh, Samar, and Pakhi in Anupama.

The Upcoming Story Upcoming storyline updates new release twists

Vanraj is unable to contain his joy after becoming a grandfather in Anupama’s upcoming story. So far in the story, Rakhi has decided that Kinjal will not be another Anupama in the house and is keeping a close eye on Paritosh in order to expose him. Meanwhile, Vanraj has expressed his joy to Kavya, saying that he will keep Kinjal’s baby close to him and lavish her with love. When Kinjal, Toshu, Rakhi, and Vanraj leave the hospital to return home in Anupama, Vanraj denies giving the baby to Rakhi.


Vanraj says he will hold the baby, and later in the car says he will keep the baby glued to him, and that his body will now be built not with dumbbells in the gym, but by holding his granddaughter.

According to Anupama spoilers, Paritosh’s truth will be revealed in front of Anupama. Let us see how Vanraj protects his granddaughter and daughter-in-law after going on a guilt trip because he knows his son Paritosh is following in his footsteps by engaging in adultery.

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