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Written Episode Update for Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein: The Chavans argue about inviting Sai

ghum hai kisi ke pyaar mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Episode, Written Update

Sai tells Virat that she prays every day not to be sent in front of Chavan Nivas. Pakhi becomes tense when she notices Virat and Sai from a balcony. Bhavani notices them and says Pakhi brought Sai from Kankauli, Virat brought Sai from the orphanage, and she wants to pray to God not to let Sai, Virat, and Pakhi live under the same roof. Sai has returned home. Usha inquires if she is okay and if she had another argument with Virat. Sai claims that Virat is the center of her universe. If Savi becomes angry with the police again, uncle Usha sends her away and asks Sai why she is so tense.

Sai informs her that the orphanage’s medical center where she got a job is run by the Chavan family, and Bhavani refused to hire her, but Virat stood up to Bhavani and got her the job. Usha claims Virat still loves her. Savi invites Sai to join her for a tea party. Virat and her tea party come to mind for Sai.


Ashwini admires Pakhi’s new necklace and remarks on its beauty. Pakhi reveals that Sai was present when Virat took her to a jewellery store, and she believes Virat purposefully purchased this necklace to make Sai jealous. Virat, according to Ashwini, adores her. Pakhi believes that showing off in love is bad. Ashwini claims to know that Virat has been heartbroken twice; men hide their emotions and act like a stone; even Virat appears strong on the outside but is broken on the inside.

What will happen next in Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Bhavani told her how Sai had arrived at their house and caused a storm in Virat’s life; Virat is Pakhi’s husband, and she should handle him wisely; she should let Virat celebrate his anniversary, and she should completely forget Sai and be happy with Virat, and so on.

Bhavani yells that Sai will force her way into the house with Savi, just as she did the day before. Vinayak wonders why they didn’t invite Sai in if she had returned home. Harini claims that everyone here acts according to their own convenience. Vinayak then says he will invite his best friend at his leisure and walks away. While Bhavani continues to shout in her usual rude tone not to invite Savi and Sai. Pakhi advises Virat not to involve children in the elders’ fight and instead invites Savi. Bhavani becomes adamant about her decision.

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