Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2: Priya tells Ram the truth about Ishan

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Priya says towards the beginning of the episode, “I am feeling really lightheaded after drinking kadha.” I’ve never felt like this, according to Priya. Ram speculates that you might be sleepy because it is late at night. Priya attempts to stand up but is unsuccessful. Ram orders you to stay with Pihu and not go. Okay, Priya asks. How are you? When we weren’t together, I wanted to know how you were doing. Ram asked me how I was doing. Priya claims you were by yourself. Even you, Ram claims, were. Priya claims that while you were here alone, I was delighted for you since you were content without me. I had Pihu with me.

What gives you that impression, Ram asks. According to Priya, their history has harmed both their present and future. Ram asks where did Ishan go after Janamashtmi? Priya recalls the entire incident, including how Ishan shoved Shivi. Ram declares that he is your friend or that you should think of him as Mr. Khadoos and that he would assist you. Crystic Priya. Ram comforts her by giving her a hug.

Ram speculates that Priya must be suffering greatly because of a very huge secret, but I will have to wait till Ishan gets back before I can ask him. Ram comforts Priya by saying, “I’m right here with you.” Yes, according to Priya, everything will be OK with you here. Ram agrees and requests that she stay here for Pihu overnight. Priya concurs. Ram then makes the decision to see Priya and Pihu. They are both sound asleep. I don’t know why you need to hide, but I do hope you share with me. Ram believes I will organise everything. Pihu is loved by Ram, who sleeps next to her.

The following day, Shubham confronts Adi angrily and asks him why he didn’t sign the check. Adi says it’s improper, so I won’t. How dare you, declares Shubham. You know who I am, yet you continue to reject me. Ram hears this and rushes over to confront Shubham about why he is acting so impolitely toward Adi. I should handle things, according to Shubham. Shubham gives the pretext that he needs money for business-related expenses. Adi claims he is over the allotted amount. Ram claims that Adi is preventing you since you are aware that we need money for the Pihu trust fund. Nodding, Shubham. Ram assures you that you will receive the money by nightfall and that you also have a duty to Pihu. Shubham gives a stern smile before leaving. Ram reminds Adi that Brinda has invited them to supper. Ram considers meeting Sara. Adi is relieved to see Ram caring more for Pihu than Nandini and Shubham.

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Nandini promises Shubham that they would drive Pihu out of their lives in this instance. When Nandini spots Pihu and Priya eating breakfast, she is surprised. What is Priya doing here, Nandini queries? Pihu mentions having a fever, so Nandini makes seem they are having a beautiful conversation before leaving. Nandini believes I’m making a lot of effort to get Priya and Pihu to leave, but they’re getting close. Here, Ram approaches Sara and tries to inquire with her about Ishan and Janamashtmi’s night. Sara claims, “I don’t know where he went, but Priya made him come back.” Ram inquires about Ishan and is pleased to learn that he might visit soon for a holiday. Ram considers asking only Ishan. Sandy hears this and feels strange because Ram wants to know about it and Priya is dodging the subject. When Sandy arrives and says Priya is avoiding telling about this, I believe she will only tell you, Sara leaves for some work. Let’s see, Ram says. Don’t worry, Sandy assures you, I won’t tell Priya. Ram leaves. Everyone meets at Brinda’s home later that evening. According to Brinda, she contacted them to talk about Karwa Chauth. Here, Vedika and Nandini purposefully discuss how Vedika kept a fast as a child to prevent her parents from fighting, and how she did so covertly. Pihu considers doing the same for Priya and Ram. Vedika and Nandini chuckle. Vikrant and Sara can be seen here expressing enthusiasm for their first karwa chauth. Sara is offered Priya’s help in making sargi. Priya claims to be feeling unwell. According to Brinda, your symptoms suggest that you used alcohol. Everyone begins sharing their experiences with having a hangover. What did Priya eat the night before, asks Adi? Kadha, says Priya. Ram says to Brandy, who had lost her excitement. Priya is startled and walks away. Ram receives a reprimand from Brinda for adulterating Priya’s beverage and with this the episode comes to an end.



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