Willow: Jon M. Chu Leaves New Disney + Series

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Director Jon M. Chu announces that he is leaving the new Willow series due to delayed production and the team mourns his dismissal.

Disney announced in 2020 that they were preparing a sequel/reboot series to the ’80s classic Willow. Lucasfilm confirmed during Disney Investor Day that they would be in charge of producing the new Disney + series and the team behind the project. Director Jon M. Chu was joining as director of the title and promised new adventures with the already known characters of Willow. But the magic has not lasted and the director is forced to abandon the project for various reasons.

After the drama of the latest Star Wars movies, Lucasfilm is used to directors coming and going. But Jon M. Chu’s departure from the Willow series has surprised many who did not see it coming. The director confirms it on his social networks. He shares that despite his enthusiasm for working on the series, he faces a scheduling conflict. The director confirms that these are personal problems and does not point to any dispute or misunderstanding with Lucasfilm managers.

The main problem arises from the delay in Willow production due to the UK landfills. Similar to the Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness recordings. It is unknown when the filming of the series began. But these would coincide with the birth of the new son of Jon M. Chu who will be born in the summer of this year. So the director of In The Heights and Crazy Rich Asians will not be able to participate in the series. But he anticipates that the team prepares many surprises. For his part, Willow screenwriter Jon Kasdan regrets the director’s farewell.

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“Devastated to lose Jon M. Chu whose enthusiasm has been our North Star. Ironically, the qualities that made us fall in love with him – his heart, warmth, and devotion – are now what keeps him from joining us on this adventure. We admire you brothers and we will win this battle for you ”.

Below you can read the official translated announcement that director Jon M. Chu shared on his social networks.

“It breaks my heart to tell you that unfortunately, I won’t be able to direct Willow. With production delayed due to constant lockdowns in the UK and a new baby in the summer (surprise!) The calendar is not going to work for me and my family.

As you know, Willow has been one of my favorite movies since I was a kid. So I am devastated that I cannot stand with some of the old and new heroes like Kathy, Ron, Jon, Wendy, Michelle and this wonderful cast and crew that they have come together. Similar to when I was a kid and saw Willow for the first time in the 80s, I’m going to look forward to seeing this magical new world again as an avid fan. And there are many adventures in store! I can’t wait for you to experience it soon.

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