Will Virat grant Savi’s wish in Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein: Written Update

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Ghum Hai Kise Key Pyaar Meiin, a popular daily soap on Star Plus has a large audience:know the updates

The gripping storyline, full of twists and turns, keeps viewers interested. Previously, Vitthal got drunk and barged into Chavan’s house, blabbering about Jagtap and Sai’s relationship. He speculated that Savi was Jagtap’s daughter and asked Virat to keep his son away from him.

Meanwhile, Virat confronted Sai about it, but she slapped him and stood her ground. She also chastised Jagtap and informed him of the situation. She warned him to clear things up with Vitthal and told him to stay away from her family.

Vinayak decides to win the racing competition in order to ask Virat to adopt Savi

He also claims to want to make Sai proud of him. Virat and Pakhi, on the other hand, wish for Vinayak to win so that Sai will leave them after his race.

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Here, Virat trains Vinayak for the racing competition, but the latter falls and injures himself. Virat is worried about his son and wonders if he will be able to perform. Vinayak responds positively and encourages himself for Savi.

Virat notices Vinayak’s struggle and returns him to the house. Meanwhile, Omkar obtains return tickets for Sai’s family, and they all rejoice at the prospect of getting rid of Sai once Vinayak wins the race. Pakhi, on the other hand, is shocked to see her son’s injury and attempts to call Sai, but Virat stops her.

Ahead, Virat treats Vinayak while the latter continues to demand Sai. He refuses to bring Sai and questions Vinayak about his lack of trust in his father. The latter expresses his faith in Virat, while Pakhi becomes perplexed by Virat’s behaviour and confronts him.

He informs about his interaction with Sai and how she rebuked him. He clarifies his intentions, stating that they must eliminate Sai as soon as possible. Pakhi, on the other hand, agrees with him and says she will always support his decision.

Later, Savi expresses concern for Sai before cheering her up. On the other hand, he decides to take Vinayak to the police training camp while telling Savi about it, and she insists on accompanying them. Virat tries to make an excuse, but the latter insists on accompanying them.

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