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Seema Rai
Seema Rai

The episode begins with Meera calling Kabir, but he does not answer. Meera feels bad and regrets telling him her feelings because she has lost a good friend. Kabir decides to call Meera. He calls her on video and asks why she’s calling him; he doesn’t love her.

The story begins with the Sakhujas, a middle-class family, mourning the sudden death of their eldest son, Karan Sakhuja. Karan died while working as a health-warrior and treating COVID-19 patients. Amrita, Karan’s pregnant widow, hides her grief and tries to cheer up her family. However, the Sakhujas’ bad luck does not end with the loss of their sole breadwinners, Guneet and Angad.

To make matters worse, Krishnakant Sehgal, a Sakhujas family friend who became wealthy through his sanitizer business and had promised his daughter Meera’s hand in marriage to Angad, breaks the alliance because he believes the Sakhujas’ status no longer matches his.

Meera claims she couldn’t stop falling for him. Meera sobs, saying she has no one else to talk to and that she will be lonely without him. Kabir requests that she not cry. Meera begs him not to stop talking to her because he is angry. Kabir assures Meera that she will not be lonely while he is with her and instructs her to smile. He adds that he will visit her and become her Santa. Meera smiles and says, “I love you.”

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Angad and Amrita arrive at the location. Angad inquires as to which Santa he intends to become. Amrita inquires as to who he is on the phone with. Kabir tells a colleague a lie. Angad claims that Kabir has been acting strangely since yesterday. Amrita agrees with him and inquires as to what the problem is, if he has fallen for any girl. Kabir receives another phone call. Amrita checks his phone, and Kabir is tense. Because it was VC’s call, Amrita returns the phone to Kabir and departs with Angad.

Pritam tells Amrita that he brought Karan as a Christmas present for her. Amrita sobs and takes a step back. Amrita enters her room and shuts the door. She sobs as she recalls her memories of Karan. Nimmo and Guneet, on the other hand, cry hard while holding the pot containing Karan’s ashes, and others look at them with teary eyes. Amrita sobs as she looks at Karan’s photo. She collapses, sobbing. Guneet, Kabir, and Angad carry out Karan’s final rituals by dissolving his ashes.

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