Update on the Parineeti Serial Written Episode: Pari Leaves the City

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Written Episode of Parineeti Written Update Latest Update Written Episode

In the most recent episode, we see Rajeev contemplating what Neeti will think of him. She attempted to be romantic with him, but he dismissed her in favour of Parineet. Does she not leave the house, severing all ties with him? So why is he thinking of her? He believes he is thinking about Neeti. Tai ji notices him standing by himself. She thanks him for kicking Parineet out of the house.

He’ll get some rest now. She requests that he stop acting like that. Rajeev informs her that he is not acting. He is very concerned about her. Where will she spend the night? She inquires as to why he is concerned about strangers. He introduces her as his wife. Tai ji introduces him to Neeti as his wife. He dispatched her to find her. She thought he still had some kindness in him, but she was mistaken. He preferred Neeti to her.

Pretending to care for her now. She gave up her happiness and her life for her friend. But he’ll quickly notice the difference between Parineet and Neeti. From there, Tai ji departs. Neeti overheard it and exited the room.

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In the next episode, Parineet will reveal to Shalu that Rajeev married Neeti under the name Sanju. Rajeev will surprise Neeti with a gift. Parineet will later be surprised to find herself inside the cab. The driver will inform her that she will be unable to flee him. Parineet will get out of the car and cause an accident. What happens next? When will Parineet tell Neeti the truth? Will Parineet give up her life for Neeti?

Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming episode, which will answer all of our questions.

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