Written Update Parineeti Gurinder is Happy with Neeti Being Pregnant

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Gurinder begins the episode by saying he is happy with Neeti’s pregnancy: she is going to give me my grandchildren, so I am happy

Parminder claims that if you had seen Pari’s pain, you would not have said this. When Neeti brings halwa, Pari appreciates it as well. Gurinder requests that you give me first. Parminder is taken aback. Sanju enters and says, “Wow, my favourite, but I’ll eat it cold”. Neeti agrees with me. Amith remarks on how similar your choices are. Pari continues from there. Neeti believes I wish I could find Rajeev, who broke Pari’s heart. Neeti offers Parminder halwa, but she declines, stating, “I don’t want it.” She walks away.

Neeti offers Parminder halwa, but she declines, stating, “I don’t want it.” She walks away. Neeti wonders why Parminder is always against me, no matter what she does.

Written Update Parineeti Upcoming Story

Neeti later prepares for her mu dikhayi. Sanju praises her. When Neeti says, “I feel like you know this family so well,” Pari appears. Sanju gives Pari a nervous look. Neeti suggests taking a selfie, so the three of them do. Following that, Neeti requests that Pari photograph Sanju and her. Throughout the session, Pari and Sanju feel strange. Pari drops the phone as she recalls her relationship with Sanju. She is unable to control her tears and flees. Sanju is aware of it. Cires pari.

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When Pari’s Chandrika arrives and takes Pari aside, she makes all the arrangements for Neeti. She inquires of Pari, “Why are you doing this?” Why are you ignoring your emotions, your pain? Pari says she is happy for Neeti because she is pregnant and has in-laws. According to Chandrika, you gave your room, husband, and everything to Neeti, and you are obsessed with her. Rajeev did wrong with you; he has fallen in everyone’s eyes, and he is not fit for any girl, not even Neeti. Pari dismisses it and continues, saying, “I have to greet guests for mu dikhayi.” The neighbours begin to arrive. Pari notices two neighbours and recalls how these aunties were at her mu dikhayi. She hides and thinks Tai ji was right this mu dikhayi was a wrong idea. Pari panicks.

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