Why the shooting of Militant Leader Cheristerfield Thangkhiew has caused Unrest situation in Meghalaya.

Ankita Gurung
Ankita Gurung

Meghalaya on Sunday was imposed with Curfew from 8 pm onwards till 5am on Tuesday . The internet is cut off in four district, mobile internet has stopped working for 48 hours, beginning at 6 pm in East Khasi Hills, West Khasi Hills, South West  Khasi Hills and Ri- Bhoi districts.   The death of Cheristerfield  Thangkhiew,a former militant’s has led to all this commotion.  The law and order situation has gotten worse and worse with each passing day. The situation in the state is at very unrest.

Who is this Cheristerfield Thangkhiew?

Cheristerfield  Thangkhiew 54, is the founder and leader   of HNLC ( Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council) .  He had assumed the post of the general security of the organization .He allegedly attacked the police with a knife and was shot dead  by the police on Friday morning. The supporter of Thangkhiew   and local organization’s  called for a ‘black flag day’. The former militant’s was also involved in a recent IED attack in the state capital. He surrender himself to the police in 2018.

What is actually happening in Meghalaya?

The death of Cheristerfield  Thangkhiew a former militant has led to huge unrest in the state . As per the police statement, ” Thangkhiew attack the team with a knife in an attempt to escape during a raid at his residence . The police in order to  protect themselves fired a single round, which hit him. Thangkhiew died on the way to the hospital. The  family said that it was a cold-blooded murder, and local resident accuse the police of a fake counter. Many questions are  being raised by the citizen  on the police operation which resulted in the death of a surrendered militant.

According to the police, Thangkhiew was active again for six month after his surrender in 2018. Cheristerfield tried to attack the police officer when they went to his residence at Mawlai Kynton Massar in Meghalaya East Khasi Hills district . The police officer went to arrest him regarding his connection with the IED blast at Laitumkrah.

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The opposition Party Congress has demanded an inquiry by the (MHRC) Meghalaya Human Rights  Commission. The encounter -style is somewhat suspicious so the Congress party wants a full inquiry.

Terming the incident as unfortunate the Congress party leader said,” This Incident should not distract us from  the heinous attack carried out by the HNLC on innocent citizens and Meghalaya Police  must arrest any accused  according to the law.”

The people are asked not to travel to Shillong at present because there is too much political unrest in the state. 54 year- old Thangkhiew was no doubt one of the most dreaded militant leaders, But his sudden encounter has raised many questions on police and other officials.

The police chief said to inform the police if they see anything lying unattended in the streets as soon as possible.

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