What To Expect On Charmed Season 3, Episode 7

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

The Charmed Ones have to deal with a house that becomes a maze on Charmed Season 3, Episode 7. Don’t miss a beat of this episode live.

Charmed Season 3, Episode 6 gave us an interesting storyline that has the capability to go on for half a season. It turns out that all that happened in Episode 3 had a larger influence on the entire world. It’s ripped through the fabric of time and space letting magical creatures in a fifth-dimensional prison globe escape.

Not merely do the Charmed Ones have to deal with the creatures, but they’ll also must deal with whatever or whoever locked the creatures up in the first place. Obviously, if that has been the Elders then the problem is solved. There are no Elders! So, what’s going to come after the Charmed Ones?

While there was some development in their personal lives, the majority of the focus was on magic. That seems to be the case for the next episode, also.

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What To Expect On Charmed Season 3, Episode 7

The sisters need to undertake the Tomb of Chaos. It seems like it is the type of Chaos that is going to cause the home to become a maze. The longer they are in this maze, the longer they shed they are.

These episodes are usually standalone from the sense that they don’t have a way to deal with the bigger situation at hand. But they are fantastic episodes for individual character development. This is a chance for those sisters to realize their own strengths independently, in addition to understanding how they could stay sisters together despite not being able to get near each other (or actually, anyone).

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