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What Do You Most Want To See When It Comes To The Orville Season 3?

As many of you out there probably know by now, we’ll take whatever information we could on The Orville season 3 when we could get it. Today, that contains some potentially exciting casting intel!

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In a new post on Instagram, The 100 alum Eliza Taylor seemingly confirmed that she will be part of the series with a series of (very strange) images of her being coated in some sort of mold. Our first guess is that she is playing some sort of alien, but who actually knows with this specific show? This is part of the fun that comes with being in a world like this: The chance to play around in a sandbox that is bizarre and wonderful and different from anything else that you have ever been a part of before.

As is frequently true for The Orville, we’re not sure that we will learn a great deal more about Taylor’s role before her episode or episodes air and honestly, that is okay. The element of surprise is part of what makes this show good.

We know that it’s been an incredibly long wait to see new episodes of the sci-fi epic, but our expectation is that we will have the ability to see them at a certain stage in 2021. The Orville does require a long time to create, in between the elaborate makeup and prosthetic work and also adding in each of the effects after the actuality.

What Do You Most Want To See When It Comes To The Orville Season 3?

Meanwhile, what do you think about Eliza Taylor is a part of it? Be sure to let us know in the comments! As soon as you do that, remember to stick around to be sure you don’t miss any other news.