WandaVision Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Enola Garcia
Enola Garcia

Will Marvel Studios have a second season? We answer your questions!

The second season of WandaVision is something that many people would like to see, and here’s what we know about it so far.

When Marvel Studios officially announced WandaVision, the series would not launch Phase 4 of the MCU. Instead, the Black Widow film would do such a task. Then, she would follow the series of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Later, we would have WandaVision, but the world situation ended up forcing these changes.

In retrospect, all of this was for the best, as WandaVision happens just a few weeks after Avengers: Endgame and best sets the story of the franchise’s multiverse.

Although the franchise is expanding with TV series, Marvel insists that everything in the universe remains connected to each other. Then, Wanda’s story will continue after WandaVision, with the Scarlet Witch confirmed to appear in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness – which will debut in 2022.

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And since Doctor Strange himself will appear in Spiderman: No Way Home, we can find narrative links to WandaVision in the Home Spider movie. After all, after spending eight weeks with Wanda and Visão, as well as with his family and friends, fans would like to check out a second season of the series.

Has the series been renewed for season two?

Well, here’s some sad news: unfortunately, Marvel has no plans to produce a second season of WandaVision. At least it is this information that the series director, Matt Shakman confirmed.

Marvel Studios conceived WandaVision as a miniseries, which would lead to other Marvel productions, including the Doctor Strange movie. Also, the series fills the gap in the Scarlet Witch after Ultimatum.

However, does this mean that we will never see a second season of the Wanda and Vision series? There is that saying, “never say never”.

The studio is already working on the “What If series, and apparently on Loki’s second season as well. This means that there are precedents for WandaVision to return, somehow, for a second season. But for now, it’s all speculation.

WandaVision Season 2

Release date

If Marvel confirmed the second season of WandaVision, it would certainly take a long time to debut.

With Elizabeth Olsen working on Doctor Strange 2, and there is still no base for the second season yet, we understand that new episodes would not arrive until 2023.

Although the production of the first season was delayed due to the pandemic, Marvel took more than a year to write and film it. So, we believe that there is a window of at least two years for this product to return for a second season.

Spoilers: what could happen?

The story of the second season of WandaVision, of course, would need Wanda and Vision. With the MCU expanding to the multiverse in Phase 4, anything is possible about their future. Particularly with White Vision still in existence in the world.

Season 2 of WandaVision could plunge deeper into the chaotic world of Scarlet Witch magic. Also, explore the origin of the name, its comic connections with other characters. And even her being a Nexus Being (using Darkhold) – one of the most powerful characters in all of Marvel’s stories.

Likewise, there are Wanda’s children, Billy and Tommy. Vale recalls that both are Young Avengers. Since Phase 4 appears to be the basis for a Young Avengers movie or team in the future, WandaVision season 2 could use the time to bring them back.

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