Vikings season 6 part 2: What will happen to Ingrid? Michael Hirst revealed the details

MD Sahan
MD Sahan

The popular Viking series is ready to premiere the second part of its season 6, as they have shown with this recent trailer that was released. But what will happen to Ingrid?

During the recent trailer that was released for the second part of Vikings season 6, Amma and Ingrid could be seen next to Bjorn’s bed, before the fight against Prince Oleg.

But, later a scene is shown in which Amma stands in front of an army of warriors preparing to go to battle with Bjorn and Ingrid.

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Let’s remember that Ingrid was raped by King Herald, who was left traumatized and scared in the middle of a beach. But, with this trailer, things seem to change.

She is now seen as a strong woman who has trained as a squire maiden. She is seen wielding a bow and arrow in the middle of the great battle.

But, this is what the creator of the Vikings series, Michael Hirst had to say about the female characters that the series has:

“This is not just a saga about Viking men. I am proud of the fact that the audience for Vikings, worldwide, is now approximately 50/50 between men and women.”

“And although Lagertha is gone, there are still many strong, brave, willing, and wonderful Viking women. Including Ubbe’s wife, Torvi, one of whose claims to fame is that she is almost the only character on the show (except for Bjorn ) who never betrayed Lagertha.

But the look Ingrid had in the trailer, along with a black cape and expressions of calm and sureness, is a great demonstration of contrast compared to how she was seen in the first part of season 6.

Without a doubt, the last season of Vikings will bring great surprises that nobody expected, to give an incredible closure to the series.

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