Vikings misses the Golden Globe nomination because of Emily in Paris

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

The Vikings series will not be nominated for the 2021 Golden Globes. Emily in Paris, she appears in two categories. What annoys the fans of the first show a lot.

Internet users persist and sign: it’s unfair. Indeed, the Golden Globes ceremony did not nominate the famous Vikings series in its categories.

So that’s what the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced . The nominees are not what you might think . Quite the contrary

And as proof, Emily in Paris, directed by Darren Star , sees her name appear in two of them. So, a wave of protest floods social networks.

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So we can read the following angry cries: “ Emily in Paris nominated for Golden Globes ptdr. Oh yeah, suddenly it’s really tough cinema level at the moment, ” wrote a young woman first.

“MDR! Emily in Paris nominated for the Golden Globes. I took the time to choke on a peanut. They returned to France the ricans since the liberation? ”

Thus, a tweeter also spoke of his anger: “Two Golden Globe nominations for Emily in Paris. While series like Vikings , BCS or Peaky Blinders have never had anything … ”

One thing is certain, is that we understand the disappointment of Vikings fans . It must be said that they were hoping for a nice reward for the end of the series.

Because yes, there won’t be any other seasons after the sixth . Thus, the latest episodes have been available on Amazon’s platform, Prime Video, since last December.

So both aficionados and actors had to say goodbye to their favorite characters. In fact, Travis Fimmel, who played Ragnar Lothbrok, is the first to be sad.

And for good reason, the actor has experienced great things thanks to this program. “ I had a great relationship with creator Michael Hirst and he’s a fantastic writer. It was just a unique relationship we had.

That’s not all ! The latter also added: “I miss everyone on the set . I miss all the Irish people we have worked with. They were so talented, so good, and so fun. ”

Then the Australian actor concluded: “ I had the chance to live this experience. “ Between 2013 and 2017, the person concerned indeed lived very beautiful memories.

So, for those who do not want to turn the page, Michael Hirs t does not intend to stop there. Indeed, he has prepared a spin-off of the series.

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