Veteran Actress Saira Bano Hospitalized Due To Breathing Issues

Mamta Panda
Mamta Panda
Saira Bano

77-year-old veteran actress Saira Bano, who later lost her husband and grand legend Dilip Kumar, has been hospitalized. She complained about breathing issues that are related to blood pressure. According to the media sources, she had been admitted to the famous known  Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai. She had been kept in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where the treatments are given and tests are undertaken. Her treatment is under the prime supervision of Dr. Nitin Gokhle.

This is the same hospital viz P.D. Hinduja Hospital where Late actor Dilip Kumar was hospitalized. It’s just 2 months from now since the 98 years old actor demised. Its been three days since her admission. There is no formal statement in media released from the part of the hospital. But sources figured that the actress’s health is stable now and there is nothing to worry about.

Saira Bano Health Status

Reportedly mentioning her initial health symptoms, her blood sugar level spiked and her blood pressure also stood unstable. People are assuming the loneliness and demise of her late husband might have brought her to such conditions. Details about the conditions of Saira Bano as well as what happened to her which led to her admission to ICU have not been revealed.

On the 7th of July this year, the news of the legendary actor saddened his loved ones all around the world including India and Pakistan. The beautiful actress immensely loved her husband and was by his side till his last moments.  They were married for 54 years.

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She is likely to be discharged within a couple of days. Saira Bano stepped into the Bollywood industry debuting with the movie ‘Jungle in 1961 opposite to the actor Dilip Kumar her husband.  Currently, recent reports say, Doctors eased telling the media about her stability, and she doing much better.

Early Personal Life

Saira was just 22 and Dilip Kumar 44 years old when they got married. The lovely duo has no children. Dilip Kumar in his memoir Dilip Kumar: The Substance and the Shadow in 2014 revealed that Saira Banu became pregnant in 1972. But due to complications in her health of high blood pressure in her eighth month of pregnancy, the doctor had to strangulate the child by the umbilical cord and couldn’t save the baby. After that chapter, the couple decided not to have children. They believed it was God’s will and they would accept it.

Saira Banu was born in an Urdu-speaking family from India. The majority of her childhood was spent in London after which she made her debut in 1961 with the film ‘Junglee’.  She was a big fan of the actor Dilip Kumar. Saira Bano had two dreams in her early times. Firstly she wished to be one of the biggest actresses and secondly she dreamt of marrying the legend, Dilip Kumar.

During the 1960s she was the third highest-paid actress of that time. Saira was known to be a trendsetter. People embraced her exquisite jewelry pieces and elegant saris purely designed by her mother Naseem Bano. She set an example of the classy and elegant-looking actress in both Indian and Western attire.

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