Vaidehi Dongre has been crowned Miss India USA

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Vaidehi Dongre

Vaidehi Dongre was announced Miss India US 2021 on Monday Night. The 25-year-old has been graduated from Michigan University and was currently working as a business development manager. She was born in India but left to the United States while she was still a kid.  She was raised in the US and is doing well for herself in life. She participated in the contests after her friends urged her to and she took it on her Instagram handle to announce the new. She also shared some pictures of the mega event of which Diana Hayden was the judge. This pageant is a tradition in the United States for a while and there were in all 61 participants from 31 states. She faced fierce competition but along with the Miss India USA crown, she also won the ‘Miss Talented’. She won this award after performing Kathak dance at the event. The judges were left surprised as they felt she has been born in the states but is still connected with her roots. 

The pageant was started 4 decades ago by Indian-Americans Neelam Saran and Dharmatma, this pageants popularity has grown far wide. She has also won herself a ticket to Mumbai and she will be taking part in worldwide pageants as well. Miss India USA is today the longest running pageant of India going around. Many filmmakers in India also keep an eye on this contest to bring some new faces. The first-runners up Arshi Lalani also congratulated Vaidehi on her win and she is also expected to participate in worldwide pageants soon. The competition also has other categories like Miss Teen India USA and Mrs India USA. All the winners were handed sponsorship before hand to participate in other events. This pageant has given new life to many young Indian-American aspirants. Hope to see a lot more of Vaidehi as she is utterly talented and as per judges, she will be a force to reckon with if she try her hands at the entertainment industry.  

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