Three Jharkhand Congress MLAs receive bail at Kolkata High Court


The Calcutta High Court on Thursday granted conditional release to the three Jharkhand Congress MLAs. They had been out on interim bail since they were taken into custody in West Bengal. Irfan Ansari, Rajesh Kachchap, and Naman Bixal Kongari, three Congress MLAs from Jharkhand, were among the five people detained on July 30 of the current year with over 50 Lakh in cash in the Howrah district. According to the police, the car they were travelling in contained 49 lakh rupees in cash.

The next day, Congress MLA Jaimangal Singh filed an FIR against the three lawmakers in Ranchi stating they  involve in a plot to overthrow the Hemant Soren administration by working with the BJP. The next day, they were detained by Kolkata police.

According to Koustav Bagchi

On August 17 of this year, the Calcutta HC granted the three temporary bail. However, the HC ordered them to stay in Kolkata for three months in order to prevent them from travelling to Jharkhand. The attorney for Jaimangal Singh, the case’s complainant, the subject scheduled for hearing. Bail  granted with the condition that they return to the investigating officer’s office every 15 days. They are not permitted to enter Assam while an inquiry is ongoing. However, lawmakers are permitted to visit Jharkhand, according to a top Calcutta HC attorney.

Soon after their detention, the three lawmakers suspended by Congress, and they also submitted a petition against defection that called for their exclusion from the assembly. The Speaker is now hearing the petition. A member of the lawmakers promised that all three would be in Ranchi by Friday morning and attend the assembly’s one-way extraordinary session. “Since we are innocent and set up by a lawmaker, we felt that justice would be serve. We don’t know why he complained about us to the authorities. It has been a really challenging three months for us here. But we want to express our gratitude to those who supported us,” stated Ansari.

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