Cyclone “Sitrang” will likely approach the shores of West Bengal and Bangladesh after skirting Odisha

Cyclone string in Odisha

The possible cyclonic storm “Sitrang,” according to a significant update from the India Meteorological Department (IMD). Which expected to spare Odisha and travel towards the shores of West Bengal and Bangladesh. The low pressure system that emerged today projected to proceed west-northwestward. Also concentrate into a Depression over the adjacent South East Bay of Bengal ,Odisha and east central Bangladesh around October 22. According to the IMD’s most recent prediction.

Consequently, on October 23, the system will focus into a severe depression. It is then highly likely to recurve northward by October 24. Together with it become a cyclonic storm over the western and adjacent eastern Bay of Bengal. IMD’s Regional Center in Bhubaneswar stated that the storm “is predicted to travel gradually north-northeastwards”. It will also arrive near West Bengal – Bangladesh coastlines on October 25 skirting the Odisha coast.”

What are the weather updates for Cyclone

The State Chief Secretary of Odisha has called an emergency meeting today. As the state prepares for what might become Cyclone Sitrang. Today at 5 p.m., Chief Secretary Suresh Chandra Mohapatra will convene a high-level meeting with other stakeholders. To assess how well each agency is prepared in light of the growing threat of a potential cyclone in the State’s coastal regions.

On Thursday, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) provided the most recent information on the potential cyclone Sitrang. A low pressure system has developed over the southeast and adjacent East Central Bay of Bengal, according to the IMD’s regional center.

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Thus according Meteorological authorities, it is extremely likely to grow further into a cyclonic storm. Over west central and neighbouring eastcentral Bay of Bengal by October 24. Depending on the IMD’s GFS model, cyclone Sitrang may make landfall in Odisha. However, the IMD has yet to offer any predictions in this respect. Based on the Director of the Regional Meteorological Department. Additional forecasts made once the system transforms into a deep depression.

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