The Nun 2 Review: Movie Fails to Send Shivers Down Your Spine, a Weak Link in the Conjuring Universe

The Nun 2 is a film of the Conjuring Universe in which the story of a devil nun is shown. It is a direct sequel to 2018's The Nun and is set four years later.


The Nun 2 Review: The Hollywood horror film The Nun 2, released in theaters with Jawan, is the ninth film of the Conjuring Universe and is the sequel to 2018’s The Nun. However, this is the poorest movie in this world in terms of plot and terror. Nothing fresh happens in the narrative, and seeing the nun doesn’t make one tremble. It seems that the story and portrayal of the characters in The Nun has been typed.

What is the plot of the movie?

The Nun 2 takes place in Tarascan, France in 1956. Four years after the Roman Chapter, Satan strikes again in the form of a nun and burns a priest to death. The Vatican calls in Sister Irene to investigate, so that the priests and other nuns can be saved. Irene arrives with Sister Debra.

Talking about The Nun 2 Review

The Nun 2 is directed by Michael Shoves and written by Akela Cooper. Written by Akella, Richard Nighing, and Ian Goldberg. The stories of the Conjuring Universe are interconnected. The Curse of La Llorona and The Conjuring – The Devil Made Me Do It, both released by the Universe, were directed by Michael Chavez earlier. His third and most carefree movie is The Nun 2.

It’s possible that fans of The Nun series will watch it because of a personal connection, but the movie doesn’t provide anything fresh. When we examine the story’s specifics, the only thing that has changed is the place; otherwise, the characters and events are almost unchanged. Bonnie Aarons has returned in the role of Nun i.e. Devil Valak, but this character does not scare. This may be because we have seen the scary scenes of the nuns in the first part, so there is not much that is unexpected. In horror movies the suddenness of events creates panic. The Nun 2 is an exception to this rule. The movie’s climax is likewise quite poor and appears to have been rushed. The revelations in the story are not shocking.

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‘The Nun 2’ has an excellent production value

The details of the time frame within which the narrative is presented have received careful consideration. The settings are as realistic as possible, down to the buildings, cars, and clothing. Speaking of other elements, the soundtrack, which is crucial to enhancing the impact of horror films, is likewise unimpressive.

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