The Importance Of Republic Day, Know More About 26th January

Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima

Republic day is today and our nation is planning to commend the event on 26th January. This year, India will commend the 73rd Republic day. India got its autonomy on the fifteenth of August 1947 and didn’t have its own constitution until 26th January 1950. Republic day praises the day when the constitution of India happened. Every one of the schools and universities the nation over is planning to praise this public occasion on the 26th of January. Different feuds are held and one of them is given a discourse on Republic day.

Republic Day celebrates the spirit of autonomous and unique  India. It was on this day in 1930 when the Indian National Congress proclaimed Purna Swaraj, the declaration of India’s independence from colonial rule. The day also monumentalizes Indian citizens’ power to choose their government democratically.

Many men and women applied down their lives for our freedom. Our freedom fighters have grieved unimaginable torture and made countless sacrifices for us to enjoy the festivals of Independence Day and Republic Day. Let us gratefully recall their immortal surrenders on the circumstance of Republic Day.

The importance of 26 January

January 26 was decided to be the Republic Day of India since it was the day that the Indian National Congress (INC) announced the Declaration of Indian Independence in 1930. The date was chosen since the Congress’ Poorna Swaraj decisiveness was declared on this day.

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Republic day is honored to remember the historic moment when our nation became an independent republic country. As we all know India got its independence on 15th August 1947 and the country didn’t have its own constitution, instead, India was influenced by the laws implemented by the British. However, after many contemplations and modifications, a committee headed by Dr. B.R Ambedkar submitted a draft of the Indian constitution, which was adopted on 26th November 1949 and officially came into effect on 26 January 1950.

On the same day, Dr. Rajendra Prasad also began his term as the first President of India. And the Constituent Assembly evolved the Parliament of India under provisions of the new Constitution.

Ever since Independence, the main celebration of Republic day has been held at the national capital, New Delhi at the Rajpath in the presence of the President, Prime minister, and other high-ranking officials of India.

As a tribute to India, on republic day ceremonial parades take place at the Rajpath. The celebration begins from the gates of Rashtrapati Bhavan followed by Raisina hill on the Rajpath and the Indian gate is the main attraction on Republic day. After the formal parade, there is a presence of various dignitaries like the President, Prime minister, and other higher government officials at the Rajpath.

Every year as a part of carnivals, India has been hosting guests of honor, that could be the head of the state or government of other countries for republic day celebration at the capital. This has been the case since 1950, for example on 26 January 2015 the former president of the united states of America Barack Obama was the guest of honor on republic day. Sadly due to the covid outbreak, there won’t be any guest of honor for the 72nd republic day celebration.

The flag hoisting ceremony at the Rajpath in the national capital takes place mostly at 8. am which is followed by a Republic day speech by the President and a republic day parade.

Republic day march is considered to be an eye-catching element of the festival and it showcases Indian cultural and social heritage. It also showcases the Indian Defence Capability. Nine to twelve different regiments of the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force, accompanied by their bands, march in all their official decorations. The President of India, who is the Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Armed Forces, takes the salute.

At this prestigious event the heroes of our country, the soldiers are not forgotten. Prestigious awards will be given away to the martyrs and the heroes who have dedicated their lives to protect the country at any cost.

Republic day is celebrated in every school, college, and office with great enthusiasm and energy. In schools, various competitions are held which include dancing, singing, and giving a republic day speech.

But beyond it all, the constitution declares that India is a sovereign, socialist, secular, and democratic republic. It assures its citizens’ justice, equality, liberty, and fraternity. It also gives us our rights and duties as citizens. On this Republic Day, I hope that no matter who we are, rich or poor, a powerful politician or a regular citizen, we continue to respect these basic principles and values given to us by our amazing constitution. So that, as we move forward and continue to build this nation, we do not leave behind the foundation on which our country is built.

I wanna end this speech by saying that India is a democratic country. The citizens living in a democratic country want the right to elect their leader to lead the country.

Although we have seen a lot of monetary improvements and success as a country, we still have many hurdles in our paths, such as poverty, unemployment, pollution, and the last two years – COVID. It is our duty as citizens to face these challenges and come out stronger on the other side.

So one thing we all can do is to pledge to each other that we will become a better version of ourselves so that we could contribute to solving all these problems and making our nation a better place. Thank you, Jai Hind.

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