The Flash Season 7: What We Expect From The Upcoming Series?

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Interviewer PR

Grant Gustin teases Barry Allen’s new bulked-up look in The Flash season 7 with a post on interpersonal networking. Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen might have become the first hero at the Arrowverse, but it was arguably Gustin’s Barry who turned things into a properly connected franchise. Gustin initially emerged on Arrow to prepare The Flash, which then became the first spin-off show when it premiered in 2014. Now, with Arrow having wrapped up its run this last year, The Flash is your longest-running Arrowverse series that is currently on the air. It was restored for season 8, which means it could eventually transcend Arrow in length.

The Flash season 6 set up some major storylines, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, was unable to complete them before production closed down. As a result, the first couple of episodes of season 7 will bring some resolution to plots like Iris’ (Candice Patton) time from the Mirrorverse and Barry’s decision to make a new Speed Force. Beyond that, The Flash season 7 will see the returns of some lover’s favourite villains, though who those will be remains to be seen. All told, there is a lot to look forward to in this new group of episodes.

Lately, Gustin took to social media to discuss a private post about his bodily transformation. Gustin delved into how his time in the spotlight has made his anxiety and intermittent depression more difficult, and so complicated his efforts to take care of himself. But with the lengthier hiatus Brought on by the pandemic, Gustin felt encouraged to make a change.” About 7 months ago I finally decided to split my cycle of not caring for myself as well as I should,” Gustin wrote. This translated to, among other items, Barry becoming”a bit of beef on his lanky frame,” that fans will notice a few episodes into The Flash season 7. Best of all, however, Gustin says that he feels”much more happy and more current than I have in a long time.” You are able to view Gustin’s full post down below.

It is rather inspiring to see that while Gustin’s new body will affect The Flash, he decided to do this on his own, but not because the series took it. Gustin’s post is a sweet tribute to just how far he has come, and he deserves to celebrate his hard work. It will certainly be fascinating to see Barry’s new beefy appearance; now at least lovers will know the true story behind this shift.

The Flash season 7 was originally slated to premiere this month, but the supersized premiere of Superman & Lois bumped it to March. Nevertheless, it’s finally getting closer, and the CW has started releasing various promotional materials. By way of example, it’s been revealed The Flash season 7 premiere will feature the return of Nash Wells (Tom Cavanagh), while trailers have hinted at a resolution to the Mirrorverse storyline. Between Barry’s brand, new body and all of these plots culminating, The Flash’s most up-to-date batch of episodes should be quite thrilling.

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