The Flash Season 7 Episode 2: Release Date, Trailer And Everything You Need To Know!!

Enola Garcia
Enola Garcia

Barry Allen gains a brand new skill in the next week’s episode of The Flash season 7. Ahead of the series returns to The CW, have a look at the brand-new trailer for “The Speed of Thought”.

It’s been a long time because The Flash has graced our screens. But after almost a year-long wait, the Arrowverse show is back on our screens.

The Flash returned to The CW this week with its seventh season’s premiere. An episode that picked up where the prior season left off, found Barry and Team Flash once again attempt to come up with fresh methods of regaining the Scarlet Speedster’s speed.

The show’s first few episodes will wrap up the remaining mysteries behind season 6 until it then delves into the stories which were originally planned to kick off season 6. And it’ll all last next week. If you can not wait that long then you are in luck as The CW has released a brand-new trailer for the episode.

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The Flash Season 7 Episode 2 Release Date

‘The Flash’ season 7 episode 2 is slated to launch on March 9, 2021, in 8/7c on The CW. New episodes (41-45 moments ) atmosphere on the station every Tuesday.

Watch The Flash season 7, episode 2 promo trailer

The episode, titled “The Speed of Thought”, will see Barry Allen gain a sudden new ability in his efforts to retrieve his speed. As for what that new skill is? Well it’s only speed thinking, isn’t it?!

Barry will attempt to use that new skill to save his beloved spouse Iris West-Allen who’s, now, still trapped in the Mirrorverse. Naturally, West-Allen lovers are eager to see if the show’s primary pair will be shrouded in the upcoming episode. Here’s hoping Barry’s new gift is the key to making it happen.

Meanwhile, Eva McCulloch will still be making her presence felt as Central City’s brand new Mirror Master — or Mirror Mistress — but she also will have to face a fact she might not wish to.

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