‘The Bridgertons’ (Netflix): Nicola Couhglan (Penelope) opens up about the series’ big reveal about Lady Whistledown

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Admittedly, the first season of The Bridgertons is over in no time. Although with one-hour episodes, the roller coaster love story starring Daphne ( Phoebe Dynevor ) and Simon ( Rege-Jean Page ) hooks a lot and, in addition, the mystery about the identity of Lady Whistledown makes the viewing of the new Netflix series a most interesting experience. If you have already dared to see the adaptation of Julia Quinn’s series of novels, it is easy that you have enjoyed the entire eight chapters and, if so, you will already know how the creator of the fiction, Chris Van Dusen , decides to fire the first season.

The outcome of the first installment leaves everything quite tied, but The Bridgertons go a long way. After all, the Julia Quinn saga consists of eight books, each focusing on a different character, so as well as the season ends, there is clearly more than enough material to tackle in future installments. In addition, the ‘showrunner’ of fiction and the rest of those involved seem completely open to this possibility. It only remains for Netflix to officially confirm season 2 of The Bridgertons .

About the end of the first season and the future of the series, one of its protagonists, Nicola Coughlan , has spoken with Entertainment Weekly , who has opened with the publication about one of the great revelations of this first batch of episodes.

EYE! Below are key details about the entire first season of The Bridgertons . If you have not seen it and do not want ‘spoilers’, it is better that you stop reading now.

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Although the literary saga does not occur until the fourth novel, Netflix’s The Bridgertons decide to reveal their main mystery in the last episode of the first season: Who is Lady Whistledown? Despite Eloise’s initial inquiries, completely wrong, the viewers end up discovering that it is actually her best friend, Penelope (Coughlan) who is behind the poisoned darts of the addictive lampoons.

As the actress explains, when she auditioned for the series, she was quickly offered the role, so she didn’t have time to do much research. However, when he fully delved into Quinn’s work and discovered it, he was stunned:

“Knowing it was very important to me, because it changes everything about her,” Coughlan says . “It means that she is a crazy gossipy gossip all the time. She is a minor character in any room, but at the same time she is the most important, because she controls the entire society in London from her vase appearance.”

Also, the actress talks about the motivation of her character , a detail that we hope will address the second season. What has led Penelope to act like this? How is she able to cheat on her friend, betray her cousin, and manipulate people like that if she’s actually a good girl? “It is the most fascinating thing about her. It is difficult to describe in a few words, because it is complex, as are human beings,” explains the actress.

“And since she’s been bullied all her life, she’s trying to find a way out. She’s witty and all, but she doesn’t have the level of confidence to say any of those things out loud. It’s a liberation for her.” Regarding the second installment, Coughlan is clear: “I hope there is season 2 because I want to see what effect it has on Penelope’s daily life.”

On the other hand, the young interpreter admits that she was very shocked by what Penelope did to Marina when she revealed her secret and that she even went to her friend Claudia Jessie (Eloise) for advice: “She told me: ‘It’s a girl She is 17 years old and she is not like a 17 year old girl today. She is very innocent, she is very protected and she has not fully realized the power she has being Whistledown. ‘But she feels completely guilty. It is something that devours her, because she’s a good person. But she’s desperately in love with Colin. “

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