The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Has Been Solved

Reality behind The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle has always been a debatable topic whether is true or not. The Bermuda Triangle lies between the west region of the North Atlantic Ocean. This is called a triangle because it forms a triangle shape between Florida, Puerto Rico island, and Bermuda. Surprisingly incident took place people also called it Devil’s Triangle. In 1950 people in the US started talking about it. People started calling it Bermuda Triangle when an article was published in Argosy Magazine written by Vincent Gaddis. He gave the title “The Deadly Bermuda Triangle”.

Problems in The Bermuda Triangle

The Primary problem is that the compass won’t work here. All the electronic device starts fluctuating, especially radio. The readings drastically changed in the area. Not only aircraft but also ships getting disappeared. The way these are disappearing is so much suspicious that a small piece of them is not found.

People started to think there is some alien who cause this. Even some people started saying there is a sea monster there. people also link it to the Illuminati concept. In 1883 the ship named Ellen Austin routed from England to New York. After traveling for 2-3 days the captain decided to take a shortcut and near Bermuda triangle witnessed a boat. He tries to communicate with the boat but not got any response. So he decided to send some men onto the boat to take it back to New York. After a storm came the boat stays as it is but all the men get disappeared. Many such stories went viral, but nobody tries to find the reality.

What’s the Reality?

One problem in the area was fluctuations in compass direction. The Compass North pole is slightly deflected from Earth’s geographic North. The Earth has two poles Magnetic and Geographic Pole. The compass shows the magnetic pole and the geographic pole based on Earth’saxis and rotation. But in some places of Earth, the compass shows the true north for both poles, those places are called Agonic lines. Usually these lines keep changing, but for years it had a center in Bermuda triangle. That’s why the compass shows the wrong direction. In that area, we found Methane Hydrate when methane reacts with water it forms big bubbles. Eventually, that causes water density less and so causes the ship to drown.

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According to Scientist Dr. Karl, this incident took place because of Human Error, Bad weather, and an Unpredictable situation.  But nowadays you don’t see that many accidents because of the advancement of technology.

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