Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Naa Review: Romantic mystery thriller

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Naa tells the story of Krisha and Devraj’s love. Krisha is a middle-class girl whose life is turned upside down when she receives a marriage proposal from a prince.

Krisha believes her dreams of becoming a queen of a royal family have come true. When her dream of marrying her prince charming comes true, her life becomes nothing short of a fairy tale. She is overjoyed to be entering Ambikapur Palace as Devraj’s wife. She falls in love with Devraj, but soon realises she is surrounded by lies, betrayals, and evil plotting. Krisha’s life becomes a nightmare when she discovers Devraj’s secret.

Main Characters in the Serial Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Naa

Krishna Chaturvedi

Krisha is a sweet, simple, young, beautiful, hardworking, and family-oriented woman. She adores her family. She works to support her family. Krishna expects love to enter her life soon. Krishna is a daydreamer, full of hope and excitement. She has ambitions for herself as well as for others. She believes that dreams are frequently realised. Krishna wishes for a prince to come and make her life truly beautiful.

Devraj Singh Rathod

Devraj is a daring young prince with an intriguing personality. Behind his calm and composed demeanour are many shades. Devraj’s heart is full of secrets. He initially dislikes Krisha, but later proposes marriage to her. Devraj’s keen interest in Krisha and their marriage reveals his hidden motive. He already has a love interest. He conceals his true feelings from Krisha. Devraj cleverly manipulates Krisha’s emotions. He begins to admire Krisha’s innocence, but he does not believe he will fall in love with her.

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So far in the story

Krisha works in a hotel to help support her family. Her father was the hotel’s star chef until he was injured in an accident. Krisha is overjoyed when she sees a couple. She fantasises about meeting a romantic prince. She tells her friend Rani that her prince will arrive in a distinctive manner.

Raj, her love interest, appears in the manner she describes. He likes Krisha’s job at the hotel. He wishes to purchase the hotel. According to Krisha, even fairy tales come true. She pursues Rani in order to assist her in welcoming the prince. She goes to the ghat to greet the prince as he arrives at the hotel.

Krisha arrives on time, but falls over her face while dropping the garlands. The garland is wrapped around the prince’s neck. Singh becomes enraged at Krisha. He greets the prince. Krisha meets Devraj, the prince. She apologises for her error. She searches for Singh. Rani informs her that Singh is with Devraj. She comes across them having a meeting. Krishna is afraid that something will go wrong. She discovers a few drops of blood on the floor outside Mr. and Mrs. Deewan’s room. Krishna believes Mr. Deewan murdered his wife because he was mistreating her.

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