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DJ creates his own micronation ‘Slowjamastan’ Crocs are ban

A radio DJ in America has established the 11-acre "Slowjamastan" as his

Seema Rai Seema Rai

5.9 MILLION Tonnes of Lithium Deposit Found In J&K, How This is Going to Change The EV Plans of India

 Mining Ministry of India: This past Thursday, the Indian mining ministry said

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Why was Osama Bin Laden Buried In The Sea, Finally Revealed !

Osama bin Laden was a Saudi Arabian terrorist and the founder of

Zafeer Khan Zafeer Khan

‘Don’t Look Up’ (Netflix): Photos with Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio from Adam McKay’s new ‘sci-fi’ comedy

Platform streaming Netflix, which this month releases titles like Mank of David

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