DJ creates his own micronation ‘Slowjamastan’ Crocs are ban

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

A radio DJ in America has established the 11-acre “Slowjamastan” as his micronation and crowned himself “Sultan.” After traveling to every nation that the UN has recognized. San Diego resident Randy “R Dub” Williams decided to found his own country, governed by his own set of laws. Although his Slowjamastan passport has been stamped by 16 nations, the micronation in California is not legally recognized by the US.

Additionally, he asserts that 5,000 people have applied to become citizens. ‘I’ve seen some great places that many people do not get the chance to travel to,’ Williams said in a statement to Fox News. What’s next for me is to create my own country.

Slowjamastan country

The micronation has regulations for citizens much like any other nation

Wearing Crocs, eating string cheese by biting it rather than ripping it apart. And listening to “mumble rap” music is a prohibited behavior. While independent, micronations like Slowjamastan are not formally acknowledged by sovereign governments. There are thought to be 70 of them worldwide. Williams got the idea for Slowjamastan from a micronation in Nevada called the “Republic of Molossia.”

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The Sultan has worked very hard to cultivate the country and put it on the map since purchasing the territory in 2021. The nation has a “parliament,” the song “Slowjamastan (I Think It’s Gonna Be an Awesome Place).” And the ringtail raccoon as its emblem. The ‘double,’ which is a pun on the Ruble, is the currency of Slowjamastan.

Republic of slowmajastan country_11zon


The ‘Sultan’ said that the government is a dictatorship that occasionally passes for democracy when asked about its organizational structure. I am the great leader who sets the rules, he said, though occasionally we allow community input on matters that are significant to the Slowjamastani. Residents are not permitted to drive in the left lane unless they are genuinely overtaking another car. In addition to the restriction on Crocs and the prohibition of “mumble rap.”

Although no people are living in Slowjamastan. There are thousands of people living there and many more who are still in line. The micronation, according to Williams, has no infrastructure. But there are plans to erect solar power plants, an armadillo farm, and a Mongolian BBQ restaurant. He expressed his desire that the United States would recognize Slowjamastan and bring new developments to the already populous but arid nation.

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