‘Succession’, Season 3: Which Characters Will Return And Which New Ones Will Enter?

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

While in ‘ Game of Thrones ‘ families killed each other with axes, swords, and wildfire, in the Wall Street dispatches of ‘ Succession ‘ the war is fought in a very different way. But, yes, with the same degree of violence. The series of HBO (one of those that do not lose you ) has finished its second season showing that the tragicomic pulse of its creators (which is Adam McKay, director of ‘ The big bet ‘) is absolutely dazzling. The Roy family and their power struggles will return to solve the shocking finale of the last season, where the trenches of a battle that promises to be painful for the bosom of the Waystar Royco are established.

‘Succession’, Season 3: When Does It Premiere?

The second season ended its broadcasts on HBO in 2019, and at the moment little is known about the premiere date of the following season. Of course, put to speculate: the two existing seasons have been released in consecutive years, always in the last stretch of the summer. Taking into account the delays caused by the spread of Covid-19 around the world, will we be able to see the new episodes at the end of 2021? Maybe.

‘Succession’, Season 3: What Will It Be About?

The end of the second season has been as wild as we expected from a series like ‘Succession’. In these eight new chapters, the family business, Waystar Royco, has had to face terrible accusations of sexual abuse, illegalities, and even murder on its cruise line, one of the many areas of exploitation of the company. What at first seemed like simple revenge on the part of the late “Mo” Lester, the main (but not the only) person responsible for these crimes, has become a case of national interest that has ended up before the political representatives of Congress. Investors are restless and their business and economic stability is crumbling. They need a scapegoat, someone who takes responsibility for the events and is important enough within the organization chart of the company to satisfy the most critical detractors. And that was Kendall Roy.

What we did not see coming is that the submissive son, who bears the guilt of having caused the death of a servant through his drug problems at the end of the first season, is going to become his father’s worst enemy. . At the press conference in which he was supposed to take the blame, Kendall points to Roy’s patriarch as responsible and connoisseur of all the crimes, and, with the help of Cousin Greg, they keep some documents that prove it. The war has started within the Roys, and that will be precisely the line that the third season will follow. What will be the consequences of this betrayal? Will the murder that sustained Kendall’s loyalty ever come to light?

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Will the tycoon pay the consequences of what happened in his company? Who will be the royal successor to your throne in the company? Will Shiv and Tom sign the divorce after their clash on the family yacht? Will Connor go broke after his wife’s failed to play, or will he abandon his dream of being president? Will Roman and Gerri finally make love? Will more heads roll for the ‘Crucerogate’?

‘Succession’, Season 3: Which Characters Will Return And Which New Ones Will Enter?

We can be sure that the entire Roy family will return for a third season, in which they promise curves. This is not a series of great deaths and firings, but of stab wounds in the back that leave marks and open wounds. So we can safely wait for the return of Logan ( Brian Cox ), Kendall ( Jeremy Strong ), Shiv ( Sarah Snook ), Roman ( Kieran Culkin ), and Connor ( Alan Ruck ), the original members of the family, but also Greg ( Nicholas Braun ), Tom ( Matthew MacFadyen ), Gerri ( J. Smith-Cameron ), Willa ( Justine Lupe ), Frank ( Peter Friedman ) and company.

Other supporting characters are more up in the air. Will we ever see Rhea Jarrell ( Holly Hunter ) again after this disappointment with the Roys? And a disappointed Marcia ( Hiam Abbass ), who is probably already preparing the divorce papers? And what about the Sandy, trying to get Waystar, or the Pearce, who was on the verge of allying with them until it seemed to them that they were not too trustworthy? We will have to wait to see if all these characters from the orbit of the Roys regain prominence in the war that is to come.

As for new additions, Hope Davis (‘Your Honor’) has already been announced. According to Deadline, the actress has signed a contract for several episodes in the role of Sandi Furness, the daughter of Sandy Furness, the eternal rival of Logan Roy.

‘Succession’, Season 3: How Many Episodes Will It Have?

Probably eight, as is customary on the latest HBO series.

‘Succession’, Season 3: And The Trailer For When?

Patience, fans! As soon as it appears, we’ll put it here.

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