9 Best Sikkim Tourist Places That You Must Visit In Next Vacation

Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima
Sikkim Tourist Places

Sikkim Tourist Places are the best attraction among national and Internation tourists due to its natural beauty and culture. In the northeast part of the country, near the majestic Eastern Himalayas, is Sikkim, a place of mystical beauty and peace. The state shares borders with West Bengal, Nepal, Bhutan, and China’s autonomous area. Mountains, alpine woods, and Rhododendron trees abound in Sikkim’s scenery, which will take your breath away.

Sikkim Tourist Places is very famous for many reasons and the main attraction is Kanchenjunga, the country’s highest peak and the world’s third-highest peak. The place’s diverse culture and diversity make it one of its kind.

Sikkim is the ideal place for your next vacation because of its serene monasteries, mountain stretches, sacred pilgrimage, and delectable Sikkim cuisine.

We’ve compiled a list of some of Sikkim’s most popular tourist attractions. Check the few Sikkim Tourist Places here.

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1.  Sikkim Tourist Places – Monasteries

Monasteries in Sikkim hold great cultural significance and are one of the best Sikkim Tourist Places. There are over 200 monasteries in Sikkim encompassing Buddhist beliefs and Tibetan architecture.

The most notable Monastries of the State are Rumtek Monastery, Enchey Monastery, Rinchenpong Monastery, Lachen Monastery, Lachen Monastery, etc.

Enchey Monastery is one of the oldest with over 200 years old. These exquisite monasteries are adorned with age-old murals, artifacts, and paintings. Rumtek Monastery is located at a distance of 23 km from the capital city of Gangtok.

2. Nathula Pass

This mountain pass, which was once a part of the Silk Road, connects Tibet with Sikkim, making it a strategically vital location. The snow-covered splendid landscapes are one of the most famous places to visit in Sikkim. You can get a view of the beautiful Chumbi valley of China. The local marketplace at Nathula is the best to collect local artifacts. Nathula Pass is located 53kms away from Gangtok.

3. Sikkim Tourist Places – Teesta River

Sikkim’s main river, with a length of 315 kilometers, is the state’s principal waterway. The image of clean water running through snow-covered green landscapes is breathtaking. Dikchu Bridge on the river is another attraction of the place. Tourists flock to this site to watch the Sangam of Teesta and Rangeet River. it also one of the Sikkim Tourist Places that you should visit.

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4. Gurudongmar Lake

An absolutely surreal beauty Gurudongmar Lake is located at an altitude of 5,430 meters above sea level. A bike ride to the site is a must. The lake holds spiritual significance for the locals of the respective religions. If lucky enough, you can catch a rare sight of Yaks ad Blue sheep.

5. Sikkim Tourist Places – Goechala Mountain Pass

For trekkers, this place is nothing short of a paradise. You will be enchanted by the beauty of the Goechala mountain pass. Skiing is another doable adventure sport here.

6. Pelling Town

If you are looking for peace and relaxation after getting exhausted by all the adventure and trekking, look no further. Pelling Town is the right place for that and one of the best Sikkim Tourist Places. The place is laden with serenity and natural beauty.

7. Lachen Village

This is a small village located in the northern parts of Sikkim. The place is near the Gurudongmar lake and holds the beautiful Lachen monastery. The beauty and the simple lives of the locals with win your heart.

8. Tsomgo Lake

This mesmerizing Glacier Lake is located 4o km away from the main city of Gangtok and it’s among the Sikkim Tourist Places. It takes 2 hours to reach there from the capital. Tsomgo is among the topmost tourist attractions of Sikkim for its scenic beauty and Yak rides. Each year during winter, hundreds of migratory ducks Brahmini fly over here, hence enhancing the value of this tourist place.

9. Kanchenjunga

You just can’t miss visiting Kanchenjunga tourist attractions when at Sikkim. The mountain peak is located 14000 ft above sea level in Dzongri, Sikkim.

It takes only the daredevils amongst you to trek at the highest peak of the country.  Once you reach the site, you will get a beautiful sight of the Himalayan ranges.

Kanchenjunga is just 61 km away from Gangtok. These were the topmost among the many tourist attractions of Sikkim. We suggest you visit the Sikkim Tourist Places during winters to get the best experience of every site. With all the cultural and bio-diversity, the place is nothing short of heaven. You will find just the right amount of peace and the adrenaline rush when at Sikkim. Sikkim should be on top of your list of holiday destinations this year. I hope this Sikkim Tourist Places content helped you in any way.

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