Security Alert at PM Modi’s Residence as Drone Spotted: Investigation Underway

Drone spotted over PM Modi's residence


 A Drone Detected in No-Fly Zone

On Monday (July 3) morning, a drone was purportedly sighted above Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s residence, prompting a security warning. The incident sparked concerns about the Prime Minister’s safety and security.

Probe Initiated by Delhi Police and SPG

After receiving information from the Special Protection Group (SPG) regarding the drone hovering in the no-fly zone above PM Modi’s residence around 5:30 a.m. local time, Delhi Police initiated an investigation. The SPG, an elite force responsible for the Prime Minister’s security, promptly alerted the authorities.

 Authorities Respond to the Drone Incidence

The Delhi Police released a statement confirming the receipt of information regarding an unidentified flying object near the Prime Minister’s residence. There were extensive searches in the vicinity, but there was no trace of such an object. Later confirmation from the Air Traffic Control (ATC) came that suggested no suspicious airborne activity near the site.

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Ongoing Investigation and Verification

The authorities are actively examining the incident because of the sensitivity of the area. Officials have emphasized the need to verify all facts before drawing any conclusions. PM Modi’s safety is the primary concern for the security agencies. They will take up appropriate measures depending on the findings of the investigation.

 Recent Security Measures

In recent developments, the Ministry of Home Affairs introduced new rules for Prime Minister Modi’s security. According to these rules, an officer of the Indian Police Service, not below the rank of an Additional Director-General, will handle the security responsibilities. Junior officers will be appointed on deputation for an initial period of six years. These measures aim to enhance the security apparatus surrounding the Prime Minister.

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