Sabyasachi Criticize For His Jewellery Collection Model

Ankita Gurung
Ankita Gurung

Netizens trolled Sabyasachi once again for his very recent photoshoot and Jewellery Ad.

Sabyasachi jewelleries

Pro designer Sabyasachi has come under yet another controversy for his new advertisement. The designer recently launched his brand Jewellery. The collection was named as  Autumn Winter 2021 collection campaign. It received a huge criticism for the advertisement and was Instantly trolled on internet.

The image that was used for promoting the Jewellery product featured three supermodel. And they promoted the Jewellery. The image shared on Instagram was captioned as , “Sabyasachi Fine Jewellery @sabyasachijewelry featuring uncut and brilliant cut diamonds, opals, pearls, emeralds, aquamarine and coloured stones in 22k gold.” The photo used received very huge criticism as the model looked very upset and unappealing.

Autumn Winter collection

The hate was not towards the Jewellery collection but towards the way the model were presented in the image. Many people wrote many different opinions about the picture shared. .” Statements like, “Why are these looking so sad. Not happening”, “All look in mourning,” “Seriously who wants to look like widows?” and “Has de behen,” were posted on Twitter and Instagram.

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There were many comments .Some netizens have called out the ad for being too “depressing”. One social media user commented on the ad posted on Sabyasachi’s official Instagram page, and wrote, “Koi mar gaya kya?”.

Another user called the add sad. She wrote, “Why r these looking so sad. Not happening.” Another user called it, “Mahaul-e-Maatam,” taking a jibe a FabIndia’s recent controversial ad, called Jashn-e-Riwaz’.

Beside hateful comments they also received positive comments. One user wrote, The idea is to promote women’s confidence without makeup while focusing on the richness bestowed by the jewelry# No tam jham# only jewel attitude.” Another user wrote, “What a powerful & beautiful portraiture.”

Another Instagram user pointed out: “Love the outfits and necklaces, at last representing the real world with models. The movie and modelling world has done extensive damage to women’s self image and mental health, with thin and airbrushed models. Time to get real”.

Sabyasachi had recently been criticised for The Royal Bengal Mangalsutra campaign, which featured heterosexual as well as same-sex couples, which some labelled as ‘obscene’, ‘shameful’ and ‘a lingerie ad’

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