Russia And Uzbekistan Offers Medical Seats To Ukraine Indian students

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

According to a Russian envoy: Students can continue their studies in Russia, the medical curriculum in both countries is the same

In the midst of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, Consulate General of Russia Oleg Avdeev in Chennai. On November 10 invited Indian students to complete their education in Russia. The medical curriculum is nearly identical to that of Ukraine.

Russia offer Ukraine Indian students Future

Over 5000 Indian students were studying MBBS in Ukraine. Uzbekistan has offered 2,000 medical seats to Ukraine-returned Indian students. They are offering a low-cost basis by providing a study-and-stay programme with Indian food at the request of the Central Government.

“Students continue to travel to Russia for educational purposes. It is on the rise. A growing number of students are applying for scholarships in Russia”, the Russian diplomat continued.

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When Russ attacked Ukraine at the end of February 2022, it left thousands of Indian medical students stranded. Their future hanging in the balance, and several were evacuated from Ukraine to India. The offer comes two months after the Union government turned down an offer to provide medical seats to distressed students in their home country.

Supreme Court On Ukraine Indian Medical Students

According to Kiev’s Ministry of Education and Science, there were approximately 18,095 Indian students in Ukraine prior to the outbreak of the war. In 2020, India accounted for 24% of its international students.

Every year, a large number of Indian students study medicine and other specialised courses in Ukraine and Russia.
The Centre had informed the Supreme Court that Indian students pursuing MBBS in Ukraine who had their studies disrupted due to the war and subsequent evacuation would not be admitted to medical colleges in India because doing so would amount to giving ‘backdoor entry’ to less meritorious students.

Ukraine War Update

Several countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and the European Union, have condemned Russia’s military operations in Ukraine and sanctioned Moscow. These countries have also promised to provide military assistance to Ukraine in its fight against Russia.

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