Rick And Morty Has Recently Teased That Season 7 Is Already Being Written Before Season 5 Premieres

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Dan Harmon’s Rick and Morty certainly knows how to maintain its fanbase waiting. The irreverent animated sci-fi show has something of a reputation for long waits between fresh seasons, with more than a year-long hiatus since season 4 concluded and no trace of season 5 within sight. That doesn’t mean it is not happening however. A recent Tweet from one of the authors suggests that the show has programs as far out as a 7th season, and production is currently  underway.

One of the more popular animated comedies of the present era, Rick and Morty succeed to stay in the conversation despite long season of absence partially due to the series memetic caliber, and partially as a result of clever marketing. Besides the usual advertising and sponsorship deals, the show’s creators will also be constantly making certain to keep dropping little bits of information about the project.

Recently, author Alex Rubens dropped a big item of advice on Twitter in a characteristically jokey manner. In his tweet he composed, “Am I permitted to say we started writing Rick and Morty Season 7? (Otherwise we didn’t and I am not).” So, it would appear that season 7 of the series is officially verified without being formally confirmed, and earlier seasons 5 or 6 have had their premieres. Not that it’s much of a shock, considering the unbelievable popularity of Rick and Morty guarantees the show will continue so long as the creators are thinking about continuing on it, and of course the several other shows that were pitched and greenlit off the rear of its success.

Creator Dan Harmon himself alluded to work on the 7th season of Rick and Morty sooner through the Adult Swim Festival, saying, “I believe we’re working on Season 7 right now, I can’t even keep track.” It seems Harmon’s developing animated comedy set in ancient Greece hasn’t slowed down the process for Rick and Morty on the production side.

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All that said, it is somewhat surprising how little is known even about the upcoming fifth season of Rick and Morty. While producer Scott Marder has stated that “There is epic canon in season five coming,” nothing has been revealed about what the total plot will look like or when the season will premiere.

Hopefully, those particulars start coming in soon and fans of both Rick and Morty will begin gearing up for whatever is coming their way. At the minimum, they can benefit from knowing that they will be getting more Rick and Morty. There will be no lack of science fiction nonsense, it is only a question of how long fans will need to wait to view it in action.

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