Reports Emerge That NBC Manifest Season 4 Could Be Given New Life On Netflix

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

There have been several displays lucky enough to be restored by Netflix in the last several years, however, it looks like NBC’s Manifest could be one of those series given new life after cancellation. The missing plane drama debuted on Netflix last week and NBC’s decision to cancel the show after three seasons followed shortly after. Even though the next season ended on a cliffhanger that may never get answered, Manifest quickly climbed to the peak of the Netflix charts.

The supernatural drama show premiered in 2018, focusing on the passengers of Flight 828 who died after being presumed dead for at least five years. However, regardless of the overwhelming surprise because of their grieving families and friends, it is as though no time passed at all for all those on the flight from Jamaica to New York City. Much more mysterious, the passengers begin to experience visions and voices of events that have yet to occur. Creator Jeff Rake offered the series to NBC with six seasons mapped out, leaving an unfortunate mess of unanswered questions using its third season cancellation. Still, the television producer has preserved hope that the series will get picked up by a different stage.

In accordance with Deadline, hope for Manifest can exist in the form of Netflix as attempts are being made to move the series to the streaming stage. The drama pulled impressive numbers in its first week on Netflix, debuting in the #3 spot and immediately maintaining the first-place status. According to reports, conversations are occurring between Warner Bros. TV and Netflix regarding the viability and financials of this Sequence.

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The version of the Netflix revival is rare, but it’s been proven to work in some cases, such as with Fox’s Lucifer, which became a hit on Netflix as a first show. Notably, Lucifer can also be produced by WBTV. Additional fan-favorites have also come back with Netflix since the platform of choice to accomplish this, such as Arrested Development, Fuller House, and Gilmore Girls. For now, if Netflix is waiting for indicators of public need, the Twitter hashtag, #savemanifest, is a fairly common index that audiences want to learn what occurred on Flight 828.

While there seems to be a glimmer of hope for Manifest, it is too soon to say whether some other recently canceled NBC favorites such as Debris and Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist have some chance of seeing their tales through. Until Netflix decides to give their response about a Manifest resurrection, fans may use the opportunity to mull over the crazy amounts of theories and clues that have allegedly put the way for an ending that might never get to be seen.

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