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Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Parineeti written Update this week

In the starting scene we see that Rajeev feels bad about betraying Parineet at the beginning of the episode. He believes that his actions are what led to her passing. He is asked to identify the deceased by the nurse. There, the power is cut off. What has he done to her, Rajeev? When Parineet arrives, he summons him. Tells him that everything she does is right. She delights her spouse in her role as a wife. She might have done this after realising she didn’t have a place in her heart. He does not wish to express regret to her. She merely requires his fulfilment. Rajeev informs her that he is not dependent on her happiness. He expresses to Parineet his anger for repeatedly killing her.


While he may not love her, he assures her that he has never disliked her. She requests that he put her out of his mind and focus instead on Neeti. She was about to hear from him. Parineeti left the area and vanished. Power was restored. He is prompted to identify the body by the nurse.

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When Parineet is criticized

When it is revealed that she is not Parineet, Rajeev feels comforted. He is asked to leave by the nurse at that point. Amith later makes an effort to comfort Chandrika. She bemoans to her spouse the fact that he is not speaking up in front of his family. He just pour his rage at her. She confides in him, her worry about Parineet. Reassuring her that nothing would happen to her, he said. Chandrika gripes that her mother constantly criticises Parineet. She requests that he go comfort his mother. She didn’t like how her mother treated Parineet badly. He is not confronting her with his words. She walks away from him. Let’s now look at the next scene of Parineeti.

The moment when Parineet leaves

In the next scene of Parineeti,Rajeev is asked about Parineet by Monty. She wouldn’t make any bad decisions, he assured him. Rajeev worries about what she’ll do in Chandigarh by herself. He gave Rajeev his word that he would speak with the Inspector to look for Parineet.

A doctor contacts Rajeev. He tells him that he has placed a medication order for Neeti. It has come. He departs to retrieve it. Tai Ji, meanwhile, had trouble falling asleep. Her husband comforts her by assuring her that everything will be fine. Tai Ji blasted Gurinder for ruining everything to him. What harm did she cause her? They are unneeded, she says, accusing them of it. The girl’s heart was broken by them. They betrayed her, and she won’t forgive them. She is aware of Gurinder’s character, he informs her. Her spouse makes an effort to stop her but she leaves from there.

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