Paradise PD Season 3: Release Date, Story Detail And Renewal

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Interviewer PR

Will Netflix proceed with Paradise PD season 3, and if so, what will it be around and when will it release? The grownup animated series was made by Waco O’Guin and Roger Black and initially debuted in August 2018. Paradise PD Season 2 proved in full on March 6, 2020.

Like the Netflix series Bojack Horseman and Big Mouth, Paradise PD season 2 is full of edgy humour to match the key characters’ unique personalities. Chief Randall Crawford (Tom Kenny) calls the shots but does not have any balls because of a gun injury. Meanwhile, Gina Jabowski (Sarah Chalke) isn’t the perfect worker, as she always harasses her nice-guy colleague Dusty Marlow (Dana Snyder). Along with the chief’s son, Kevin (David Herman), is so naive he must learn on-the-go while a drug outbreak takes over the city. Rounding out the Paradise PD season 2 staffs are Gerald”Fitz” Fitzgerald (Cedric Yarbrough) – a guy dealing with intense PTSD – and Bullet (Kyle Kinane) – a drug-addicted authorities dog. Paradise PD Season 2 on Netflix consists of eight episodes.

Throughout the penultimate installment of Paradise PD season 2, the protagonists make a trip to Brickleberry National Park for a Brickleberry crossover. Unbeknownst to Paradise’s finest, Fitz is dealing with split-personality disease and plans to blow up the town, which sets the tone for a pizza-themed orgasm. Here’s everything to expect from Paradise PD season 3 on Netflix.


Netflix has not ordered Paradise PD season 3. Since fresh episodes were just released in early March 2020, expect productions and executives to evaluate Netflix seeing numbers for many weeks and earn a renewal or cancellation conclusion before April 2020. Considering the second installment finishes, Paradise PD season 3 seems unlikely, but the creative team could have a trick up their sleeve to make sense of the volatile Paradise PD season 2 finale.

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Release Date

If Netflix requests Paradise PD season 3 by April 2020, expect new episodes to release in March 2021. However, it is worth noting that 18 months passed between the release dates for Paradise PD season 1 and Paradise PD season 2. Meaning, there is doesn’t appear to be a firm schedule structure in place. Therefore, it’s possible that Paradise PD season 3 will not release until late 2021 or early 2022.

Story Details

In the Paradise PD season 2 finale on Netflix, Fitz’s backstory is revealed. While audiences already know he’s the Argyle Meth kingpin, a flashback series explains that he had been the only survivor of a tragedy ravaged by a Chicago mobster. He then retreated to some cerebral “p*say palace” and inadvertently took on a new persona. Paradise PD season two ends with the primary protagonists hoping to resolve their spouse’s “Chicago Incident Guilt” and executing an Inception-like program that involves Kevin attempting to pick a vagina-shaped lock Fitz’s mind. In an imaginative twist, he succeeds while failing rather miserably, at least in terms of knowing his body. The team ultimately thwarts Operation Deep Dish by taking down a nuke, but discovers another bomb that turns the entire town of Paradise into a sexy, saucy mess.

The last minutes of Paradise PD season 2 tease the third installment using graphics that read “The End?” and “No.” Now, however, it remains unclear if Netflix intends to produce new episodes. But we don’t know this: the story slate has essentially been wiped clean, so anything may happen in Paradise PD season 3.

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