Mahira Khan dropped a bunch of pictures from her mehendi ceremony

Mahira Khan looks beautiful and simple in new photos from her mehendi ceremony.


Pakistani actor Mahira Khan added images from her pre-wedding celebrations. On Thursday, Mahira shared several images from her mehendi ceremony on Instagram.

Pakistan actor Mahira Khan shares pictures of her mehendi ceremony 

Mahira posed with her pals in the first picture as they surrounded her. She was seated outside on a wooden swing that was furnished with a yellow bed and pillows. Mahira wore a yellow saree with mirror embroidery and a blouse to match. Although She braided her hair and added matching bangles to her outfit. For the camera, they all displayed their mehendi. But In the second snap, Mahira was seen sideways-looking and tucking her hair behind her ears. Mahira appeared to be speaking to someone who was not visible in the photo frame in the second-to-last image as she turned her head aside. Although The Actress and her buddy grinned and revealed more of their mehendi patterns in the final image.

Mahira Khan makes a note

Mahira shared the images on social media, writing, “My Khadija created this sari for me… (Emojis of a crescent moon with sparkles). However, I constantly pray for you, K (heart hands emoji). @elanofficial (heart-shaped yellow symbol). But Designer Khadija Shah creates clothing. Actress Maya Ali responded to the post by writing, “Mashallah Mashallah.”

Reactions from Mahira’s followers

The message “Alexa! Play the last verse of Kabira from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. “I love how she always refers to her people as My this My that,” an admirer said. demonstrates how sensible she must be. That shine on her face, a different individual remarked. However, She exudes such joy. God be with her. Such a nice character. However, suckers said, “Prettiest woman on earth.” Simple and lovely Mahira said an Instagram user.

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Salim Karim and Mahira Khan are wed

Mahira and Salim Karim, her longtime love, just got married. The wedding was attended by family members and close friends in Pakistan’s Bhurban. The actress and Salim, the CEO of the Pakistani telecom business Simpaisa, were engaged in Turkey in 2019. But They first met in 2017. Mahira is engaged to get married again. But she previously wed Ali Askari in 2007, and they divorced in 2015. Azlan, their 13-year-old son, resides with them.

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